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Why Consider Titan’s Range of Progressive Lenses in Today’s Digitally Driven World?

Why Consider Titan’s Range of Progressive Lenses in Today’s Digitally Driven World?

Why Consider Titan's Range of Progressive Lenses in Today's Digitally Driven World?

It’s no wonder that we fear about what all our usual ‘screen-time’ does to our eyes. Being socially distant amidst a worldwide pandemic, our use of technology has increased even more. From watching Netflix to working from home and chatting with friends—our eyes are paying the cost. While all of this is essential to surviving this tough time, it is also crucial to take care of your eyes and vision.

Some common types of vision problems that can be avoided include blurry vision, dry eyes, and digital eye syndrome (redness and itchiness). What can you do? If you are facing such common eye problems signs, you must consult an eye doctor to know what’s best for you.

Meanwhile, we, at Titan Eyeplus, have freshened up our portfolio with newer concepts and technologies to provide you with utmost comfort and care with advanced types of Progressive Lenses. Almost anyone with common eye problems signs can use progressive lenses for a comfortable and sharp vision.

How do Progressive Lenses Help Better your Vision?

Progressive lenses offer three prescription powers in one pair of glasses. They allow you to do close-up work (reading a book), middle-distance work (using a computer), or distance viewing (driving) without needing to change your glasses for each use. They are also called multifocal lenses. Below are some of its benefits:

• More comfortable and natural feel
• Offers vision correction for a variety of focal defects
• Eliminates eye fatigue
• A more sleek and modern option
• Offer better transition between near and far vision
• Ergonomic design eliminates uncomfortable posture
• Upto 20% aberration reduction
• Reduced muscular strain

Titan’s Progressive Lens Variants

Here is Titan Eyeplus’s refreshed Progressive lens portfolio with new innovative technologies:


DigiMax progressive lens is for all kinds of users as it provides an optimized near vision, offers fast adjustment and comfort too. Equipped with Digital Life technology, it takes into account the visual needs of presbyopes who use hand-help devices regularly.
Some of its benefits are:

• Helps in focusing at a distance
• Faster adaptation
• Optimum near vision
• Extensive frame choice
• Smoother transition between vision areas
• Affordable prices


Vista is specially designed, keeping in mind first-time progressive lens wearers. This design has Custom Fit technology. It allows distribution of lateral aberrations which helps users know where to look through the lens. They are most suitable for first time progressive lens users who are looking for personalized glasses and optimal visual fields.
Benefits of Vista Progressive Lens:

• Easier adaptation for new users
• Smoothened aberration
• Wide areas of peripheral vision and near zones

Vista Expert

Vista expert is designed for experienced progressive lens users and has Custom Fit technology. The Ray tracing technique is used to simulate how the lens behaves when its placed in front of the eyes.

Another Vista Expert progressive lenses feature is that the aberrations are distributed to minimize the swim effect which some experienced users have on head movement. It provides a more precise and defined area of useful vision. It is best suitable for experienced progressive wearers looking for a personalized lens with the best adaptation and optimum visual fields with a better reading area.

Below are some of the benefits:

• More extensive visual fields in intermediate and near vision
• Optimum reading area
• Adaptation is fast and easy
• Sharp and more comfortable vision


The Vantage design of our Progressive lenses uses ClearMax Technology. Knowing the real frame shape data and the position of the pupil, this technology defines the precise aberration distribution concerning the eye and frame. It can modify the distribution of aberrations and reduce them to the minimum within a useful area of the lens.

They are highly recommended for users having an active lifestyle who needs the best visual performance.

Some of its benefits are:

• Broad and clean fields of vision
• Minimized swim effect
• Better ergonomics and comfort
• Personalization according to the chosen frame


There is an inherent imbalance of astigmatism between the nasal and temporal area of a standard progressive lens. Thanks to Binocular Balance technology, the amount of blurriness on both sides of the corridor in Titan’s PreciView progressive lens is balanced, making it similar and as minimal as possible.

Some of the benefits are:

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• Maximum visual performance and optimum binocular vision
• Sharpness and precision in all fields of vision
• Freedom of movement of eyes


PanoVision is equipped with progressive lenses feature of ErgoMax technology and uses the concept of evolving near zone. Research has given a range of optimum vertical eye rotation during visual behaviour. This data is used to provide an ideal corridor that offers the optimum ergonomic position to each user. So, the wearer can enjoy a much comfortable position while reading.

They are best suited for users who are looking for the best features with a specific need for near work support.

Below are some of its benefits:

• Maximum visual performance and optimum binocular vision
• Sharpness and precision in all fields of vision
• Most comfortable progressive lens to wear
• Specifically addressed for those presbyopes who require extra support on the reading zone


Insignia progressive lenses are specially designed for users who aspire for confidence and comfort. Equipped with ComfortView technology, it cancels the swim effect, and the user either does not perceive any changes or they are minimum.

Some of its benefits are:

• Comfortable transition and no swim effect
• Distance, intermediate and near feels wider and smoother
• The easiest, “safest” progressive lens to wear and adapt to

We, at Titan Eyeplus, believe in giving our users the best visual experience without compromising on any of the eyesight issues. We offer the best quality lenses to make sure common eye problem signs do not bother you during this digital era. Our progressive lenses use advanced technologies to keep various types of vision problems at bay!

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