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Contact Lenses

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Contact Lenses are a successful replacement to the age-old spectacles. Long-term eyeglass wearers consider it as a boon for them. A technical innovation, Contact Lenses are a lighter and better version of spectacles. Titan Eyeplus has a vast range of Contact Lenses available online, which is not gender-specific and can be used by both men and women. Make your pick from a detailed range of Contact Lenses, using your optometrist prescription and the details of your eye's power.

About Contact Lenses



eyeglasses for men

Contact Lenses have gained in popularity over the decades and are also used as a fashion accessory by many. You can buy Contact Lenses online as a replacement for high-power specs as well as colourful lenses to change the contour of your original eye lens. But, despite the fashion trend Contact Lenses are a major form of vision correction across the world.

Here are a few tips to understand Contact Lenses before you buy them:

  • Made with a thin soft gel like substance that adapts to the surface of your eye.
  • You can select from short or long duration Contact Lenses, while there are also disposable lenses available in the market.
  • Choose the right Contact Lenses according to your vision problem, after the suggestion of your optometrist as well.
  • Lenses care includes cleansing and storing it in the right manner, as suggested by the lens makers.

Buy Contact Lenses Online

Titan'store is present all over India like Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore. You can easily search the right Contact Lenses and choose a pair online too. Titan Eyeplus has various Contact Lenses options to choose from available online. The Contact Lenses are priced as low as Rs. 250 to as high as Rs. 2,100 on the portal. You can buy Contact Lenses from renowned brands such as Bausch and Lomb and Ciba Vision. You need to upload your prescription and feed the details of both the eyes for the making of right lenses with power.

  • Want to keep it simple and hassle-free? Buy the Baush and Lomb I Connect model of Contact Lenses, which are disposable lenses valid for use for one month. For occasional wearers of lenses or wish to carry an extra set while travelling can use this Contact Lenses.
  • The Baush and Lomb Pure Vision 2 are a set of 6 Contact Lenses in the box, which provides crisp clear vision to those who require specific vision correction. The lens is made of silicone hydrogel and the lens base curve is 8.6mm.
  • The Baush and Lomb SoftLens 59 Comfort have the lens made of Hilafilcon B and is another innovative design of comfortable lenses for long duration wearing. This is a monthly disposable white lens, with 6 soft Contact Lenses in a pack.
  • Ciba Vision"s FreshLook Colorblends are a stylish Contact Lenses available in various colour tones. You can choose from sterling grey, blue, pure hazel, honey, brown and grey to change the tint of your original eye colour. The lens is made of the material known as Phemfilcon A and is an interesting way of wearing power in coloured Contact Lenses. These are monthly disposable Contact Lenses with 2 lenses in a box. This is an awesome way of wearing something trendy and stylish when bored of your regular daily look. It is also fun to wear coloured Contact Lenses for a party and shun your heavy eyeglasses for a while.
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