Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that my frame or sunglasses fits me well?

Just follow these three simple steps.

Eyewear Frame Width Guide at Titan Eye+

Step 1: Check the frame width- It should only just extend past your cheekbones. If you can fit more than one finger between the arm of the frame and your temple, the frame is too wide. On the other hand, if the arm touches your temple, the frame is too narrow.

Eyewear arm length should end just behind the ear

Step 2: Check the arm length-It should extend straight back to your ears and only touch the side of your head just in front of your ears. The arms must also not curve too early; if they do, this will push the glasses down on your nose.

Eyewear Bridge width feels comfortable Guide at Titan Eye+

Step 3: Check the bridge width-It should fit comfortably, neither too tight nor too loose. A too-tight bridge will be uncomfortable and compromise on your vision correction by keeping the glasses too high on the face. A too-loose bridge will allow the glasses to fall down on your nose, requiring constant readjustment

How do I know which size to buy?

It’s quite simple. Just pull out your credit or debit card from your wallet.

To measure, place one edge of the card at the center of your nose and see where it ends. If the card ends at the tip of your eyes, a Medium sized frame would fit you perfectly. If the card width extends the eyes, a Small size would be perfect for you. Just in case the card edge finishes before your eyes end, you need a Large-sized frame.

Measuring Eyewear Size with Card at Titan Eye+
Eyewear Size Guide at Titan Eye+
Eyewear SIze Guide Ends Before Eye=L

Once you know your size requirement, you can check out the image below for the frame size required by you. If you need some more help, reach out to our team and they’ll guide you to find your perfect fit.

Guide to get a perfect size of glasses small, medium and large at Titan Eye+

Where can I find my frame measurements?

When you pick a pair of frames or sunglasses that you love, look on the inside of the frames’ temples (or arms) where you will see a series of numbers like this – 50/19/135. The first number is simply the horizontal width of the lens and usually ranges from 40 mm to 60 mm. The second number is the bridge size ranging from 14 mm to 24 mm and is the distance between the two lenses. The temple length is the last number measured from the end piece to the tip. This length falls between 120 mm to 150 mm.

Lens Width, Bridge Width, Temple Width at Titan Eye+

When shopping on our website, you’ll find that the measurements of our products are mentioned in the ‘additional information’ section on our product pages.

Eyeglasses Lens Width Guide Small, Meduim and Large
Sunglasses Lens Width Small, Medium and Large at Titan Eye+

What if I am not satisfied with my product? What are your return & exchange policies?

Don’t Worry! We’ve got your back. Titan Eye+ has an exchange policy valid within 7 days from the date of delivery. If there is any issue with your product, within 7 days from the date of delivery a pickup can be arranged by contacting us. Once the pickup is done, the amount paid will be refunded as an online credit in your wallet which you can use for your next purchase.

In the unlikely occasion of an incorrectly processed lens order, we’ll have the product picked up and have the correct lenses fitted.

I am unsure of what my prescription is. Can you help me with that?

If you are unsure of what your power is and feel a need to get a new prescription or update your existing one, visit your closest Titan Eye+ store and get a zero error 20 step eye test done. You can also schedule an appointment on our website. It’s as simple as that!

How frequently do I need to get an eye-test done?

We recommend that you get an eye-test every six months. Stop by our store closest to you and get our zero error 20 step eye test done. You can even schedule an eyetest on our website.

How many days will it take to make & deliver my spectacles?

The delivery of an order for a pair of frames, sunglasses or ready readers usually takes between 3-5 working days and about 5-7 working days for an order with powered lenses. We can’t wait for you to receive your new pair!

How do I find out the Status of my order?

Your order details can be found in the ‘My orders’ tab on your account page. You can also reach out to our customer support via chat or call. An SMS/ Email will also be sent to you with the tracking details once the order has been dispatched.

How do I upload my lens power details?

On selecting the frame and the lens, you can proceed with your regular purchasing process and place your order. Once the order is placed, you will find an option to add or upload your prescription details. You can use the same to provide your power details as well. You can reach out to us at any step and we will make sure your buying process is smooth.