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The Best Shades: Mix of Fashion and Functionality

Sunglasses have become a style staple in today’s fashion-conscious times. That is why, no matter what the season or occasion is, you want to flaunt the best shades to make a style statement wherever you go. Besides that, considering how sunglasses protect your eyes from dust, pollution, harmful UV rays and glare, you need to buy your pair only from reliable sunglasses brands in India that offer the assurance of premium quality products.

Online Sunglasses Shopping: Buy Trendiest Options

Eyewear trends keep changing with time and offer an ever-growing variety of styles to choose from.  While some designs like aviator and wayfarers have become a classic choice over the years, others in round or square shape are best suited for keeping up with the trends.  Even in terms of lenses, you can now find exciting options such as reflector glares or transparent shades. The best way to explore the trendiest shades for yourself would be to go online sunglasses shopping. It enables you to browse through unlimited options to pick the best one for yourself.

Explore The Range of Best Sunglasses Brands

We at Titan Eyeplus bring together a vast collection of premium shades from the finest sunglasses brands in India which include Ray Ban, Oakley, and Fastrack amongst several others. Whatever be your unique choice, check out our range of sunglasses both online and at our offline stores. Get ready to be spoiled with choices!


Types of Sunglasses

  • Aviator/ Pilot Sunglasses

One of the most popular designs in sunglasses, aviators have a distinct teardrop shape that comes in a metal frame. It is a go-to classic style that you can never go wrong with!

  • Wayfarer Sunglasses

Versatile and modern in appeal, wayfarers usually come in a trapezoidal shape and carries wide signature frames. What makes it a favourite with most people is that it complements all face shapes.

  • Navigator Sunglasses

A close cousin of the aviators, navigator sunglasses too feature a lightweight steel frame. The only difference is that the teardrop shape is slightly squared off and gives this style a distinctive, balanced modern-classical look.

  • Cat Eye Sunglasses

Ever since the inception of Cat eye sunglasses, they have never gone out of fashion. Retro in its look, and chic in its style, this frame adds the right touch of drama to any outfit with its characteristic upsweep frame edges.

  • Clubmaster Sunglasses

Blending vintage vibes and a timeless look, clubmaster sunglasses radiate an irresistible appeal. The temple line form makes this frame stand out and makes for a perfect addition to any party or professional outfit and even for casual attires.

  • Round Sunglasses

Quirky and cool, round frames are known to make for the ideal statement-making sunglasses. They add a touch of rawness to your look and help you stand out amongst everyone else.

  • Rectangular Sunglasses

Rectangle sunglasses are back in trend in a big way and that too with modern twists. Perfect for flawlessly adding a dash of style to any outfit, this frame style carries an enigmatic vibe and proves just about right for special appearances.

  • Square Sunglasses

Square frames are the ultimate choice if you want to balance out a narrow jawline or wish to give an angular touch to your round face. Choose an elusive oversized pair, and you will look fashion-forward all the way.

  • Wraparound Sunglasses

Wraparound sunglasses are a perfect pick to shield your eyes from the harmful UV rays and the glares of the sun in the right way. Wear these, especially for your cycling and other high-dynamic sports sessions and thank us later.

FAQs on Sunglasses


  1. Which Type of Sunglasses are Best?

The best shades are the ones that are not only stylish but also offer you functional benefits like UV protection, glare reduction and impact resistance. That is why, instead of choosing low price sunglasses, you must buy from reliable sunglasses brand in India that provide options which are durable and offer you fashion and functional benefits both.


  1. What Sunglasses are in style for 2020?

Some sunglasses that are trending in 2020 include:

  1. tiny frames
  2. retro round style
  • thick, oversized frames
  1. frames with flat tops
  2. bright white shades
  3. glares with a futuristic structure.

You can find a collection of all these new trending frame styles when you do online sunglasses shopping


  1. Which brand makes the best sunglasses?

Different sunglasses brand in India like Ray Ban, Oakley and Fastrack are all known for providing best sunglasses and branded goggles with price that falls in different ranges.


  1. Are Goggles and Sunglasses Same?

Goggles and sunglasses are slightly different as goggles mainly protect against dust, water, or other pollutants, while sunglasses also offer shade to the eyes from sunlight or glare. Sunglasses usually have two lenses that help filter out light to help you get a clear vision.


  1. What sunglasses look best on me?

Sunglasses that contrast with your face shape are most likely to look good on you. The approach should be to check sunglasses brands in India and buy the ones that accentuate your best features.


  1. How Do I Select Sunglasses for My Face?

Different sunglass styles suit various face types. In general, you must select a frame whose width is more than its height. It will narrow your face, bring the contours closer and give your facial features a balanced look.


  1. Can Men and Women Wear the Same Sunglass Styles?

There are some unisex sunglass styles which both men and women can carry. Otherwise, there are different sunglasses for men and women. 


  1. Do Cheap sunglasses have UV Protection?

Low price sunglasses that you buy from local shops or sellers mostly do not have UV protective glasses, even if they sometimes stick the UV protection label. It is important to buy branded goggles with price that you can best afford, as such sunglasses have the right quality lenses that can provide your eyes with the necessary protection.


  1. Are Darker Sunglasses Better?

No, darker sunglasses are not necessarily better as darker lenses do not equal more excellent UV protection. To get the best sunglasses that provide the necessary protection, check the manufacturing label. It should read 99-100 per cent UV protection.


  1. Are Polarized Sunglasses Worth It?

Polarized sunglasses help filter out glare which can cause a distorted vision. It helps provide proper depth perception, clear vision and also prevents eye damage in the long run. So, when you buy polarized sunglasses at a little extra cost, it is worth it. Such sunglasses are especially the right choice for athletes and people who spend considerable time out in the sun.


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Black Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P357BK1 Rs. 799
Black Square Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P424BK1 Rs. 899
Brown Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P424BR2 Rs. 899
Transparent Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P448GR2T Rs. 999
Black Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P449BU4T Rs. 999
Black Square Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P449GR1T Rs. 799
Black Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P449BK3T Rs. 799
Black Square Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P448BK3T Rs. 799
Black Wayfarer Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P448YL4T Rs. 799
Grey Square Fastrack Men Sunglasses-P449BK2T Rs. 799

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