Eyeglasses for Kids

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Eyeglasses For Kids

Shopping for kids' eyeglasses is a task in itself. With all the new designs and catchy colors available today, you have ample options to choose from. While choosing eyeglasses for kids, the first thing that crosses your mind is the frame's quality and durability. And you must not compromise on these things.

Titan Eye+ is the most trusted brand when it comes to high-quality, stylish frames for kids. We take special care and provide the best service from international eyewear brands. We bring you an exclusive range of branded kids glasses from Dash.

They offer cool and catchy kid's eyeglasses with durable quality. You can choose from various frame shapes, including rimmed, semi-rimmed, round, or rectangle glasses.

Latest Kids Spectacles

Finding your child's style and the right fit of Eyeglasses is essential. Children like bright colors. Dash from Titan offers a host of trendy colors and patterns for you to choose from. From cat-eye kids' eyeglasses for girls to rectangle kids' eyeglasses for boys, you'll never run out of options.

While browsing options online, make sure to include your child and ask them about their preferences. Pick a frame that compliments your child's face the most.

Buy Branded Kids Glasses Online

Shopping online has become a preferable mode, especially during the pandemic situation. You do not need to leave your house to buy anything. Compare different models and colors available at Titan Eye+ for kids' eyewear without worrying about the quality.

You can also use virtual try-on available on our website to know which frame suits them the best. It is advisable to buy more than one kids frames so that you have a backup in case of loss or damage of the first pair.

Types Of Kids Spectacles

  • Square

Square shaped kid's eyeglasses are one of the most basic and popular options. You can get a variety of spectacles in this category at Dash from Titan.  

  • Rectangle

Rectangle-shaped kids' frames are suitable for every face type. Know your child's preference and buy the best frame.

  • Round

Round eyeglasses add a quirky touch to your child's entire look. They are retro-inspired frames that look best on children with sharp jawlines.

  • Cat-eye

Cat eye glasses are the go-to choice for parents when it comes to kids' eyeglasses for girls. They are a stylish accessory for every child and are available in several colors and patterns.


  1. Which frame material is ideal for kids' eyeglasses?

Reputable kids eyewear brands like Dash offer spectacles made of durable plastic that is the ideal choice for children as they are lightweight and durable.

  1. Is UV protection essential in lenses for children?

UV protected lenses provide additional protection to your child's eyes against the harmful effects of UV rays.

  1. How do I choose spectacles that my child will actually wear?

While choosing children spectacles, opt for attractive and colorful frames that they would love to wear.

  1. How to ensure that eyeglasses are the right size while shopping online?

You can check the measurements available online and see which frame size suits your child the most.

  1. Are anti-reflect lenses beneficial?

Anti-reflect lenses minimize glare and allow clear and sharp vision at all times.

  1. Which brand is the best for kids' eyewear?

Dash specializes in kids' eyewear and offers a range of stylish and durable spectacles.

  1. How often should I get my child's eyes tested?

It is advisable to visit an eye doctor once a year to get your child's eyes tested.

  1. How to clean eyeglasses for kids?

You can clean kids' eyeglasses by running them under a gentle water stream and then cleaning with a dry cloth.

  1. Are branded kids glasses available online?

Yes, you can browse through different options for kids' eyeglasses online at Titan Eye+ and choose the best one.

  1. Do eyeglasses for kids have power lenses?

Yes, power lenses are available in kids' spectacles.

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