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Sunglasses to complement “You”

Sunglasses to complement “You”

Sunglasses have a different meaning for different individuals. For some, they are a style statement and for others, a reflection of their own personality. However, all in all, in hot tropical summers, sunglasses are definitely a must! Along with utility, they are more of a representative of fashion, style, and personality for women, while for men glamour and comfort. But it’s an accessory everyone chooses very carefully. Here’s how you can flaunt some of the chicest sunglasses and can beat the heat at the same time.

Cat-eye glamour

You love all sort of stylish and trendy stuff and this makes you the glamour queen of your gang. Cat eye sunglasses are the kind of eyewear that sets you apart from others. The elegant style of the shades builds an aura of power, authority & class that adds a perfect bit of razzmatazz to your diva vibes. With this on your eyes, you’ll make a style statement like no other would do.

Cool Aviators

Are you, my dear, the sporty, adventurous kind? A victim of wanderlust? As you travel through the valleys and riversides, you need a pair to protect those eyes that look beyond than what others seek. And here is the right pick for you- a pair of stylish aviators! Not just protection, the style adds a swag in your holiday pics. Aviators are for the love of the music as well. For the frequent gigs or music festival lovers. You can pair them with graphic tees, denim and sneakers for a classic casual look or with a plain shirt, shorts & slip-on for a laidback yet fashionable style!

Oversized opulence

You meet and greet, with friends you eat. You chat a lot, new hangouts you plot. You are a social butterfly with a retro-chic & classy style sensibility. And for you, this pair of glamorous oversized sunglasses are available that exude equal amounts of swag & charm. Your popularity needs a style that compliments your outgoing type nature. These oversized sunglasses ooze confidence, class, and charisma, just like you do.

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Rad Rectangle

You found your world in Harry Potter, the secret world of Narnia is not so secret for you. You live in the world of books and knowledge. For you, the word nerd is a compliment that reflects your intellectual kind. And for you, this Rad Rectangle full-rim sunglasses are made that spell geek-chic. These kinds of glasses are a great style for those who are information-hungry, tech-addicts or bookworms. Goes well with the casual shirt, chinos, and loafers for a smart look for a science fair or expo. You can also pair these with a silk blouse, pencil skirt, and pumps for a demure, yet chic work look!

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