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Find the Right Frame for You

Find the Right Frame for You

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Choosing the right pair of frames is an important decision to make as it is an investment. You’re bombarded with so many choices: colours, shapes, sizes, styles, price, brands… the list goes on. When you’re buying frames, all you’ve got is your spectacles’ prescription and it’s up to you to pick the right pair. You want your spectacles to be comfortable but stylish, light but strong, trendy but affordable. Some people are also allergic to certain metals and synthetic materials, so they might be looking for hypoallergenic frames. You can rest easy, here’s a list of frame materials you’ll encounter at the Titan Eyeplus store and on the website so you can make the right choice:

Stainless Steel

Frames made with metal are always stronger than their plastic counterparts and stainless steel is no different. This material is perfect for sleek rims and temples but is generally more durable and stronger than other metal and plastic frames. You can choose from a range of different colours. With stainless steel frames, your glasses will remain lustrous even after plenty of wear and tear since steel is non-corrosive.


The lightest weight metal used in eyewear is titanium. It’s not just non-corrosive and hypoallergenic, but also extremely lightweight, durable and flexible. The pay-off though is exceptionally strong spectacles. Titanium frames come in a variety of colours, have a modern look and their durability also makes them a good choice for older adults.

Mag-Al Alloy (Magnesium-Aluminium Alloy)

Mag-Al Alloy is considered to be a light and soft metal that is used in the manufacturing of frames. Like most other metals,Mag-Al Alloy is hypoallergenic and doesn’t corrode easily. The lightweight material can be dyed into a few other metallic looking colours. While it looks heavy, it is strong and light in weight.

Cellulose Acetate

With long-lasting and lightweight acetate frames, any combination of colours, textures and patterns is possible, making it one of the most popular materials for eyeglasses. This material yields exceptionally cool and trendy glasses, making it stand out in today’s pop culture. Acetate is a sustainable material made from plant-based fibres. As it is a very flexible material. Their light weight and durability properties make them a good choice for adults and children, especially those who want a pair of fuss-free glasses. Since acetate frames don’t need nose pads, they are especially suited for long-term wear which is a deciding factor for some people. An added benefit is that they don’t leave any marks on the nose.


If you’re guilty of dropping your frames all the time, fear not, one of the best features of TR-90 frames is that they’re impact-resistant. Another popular choice for frames, TR-90 is very flexible and can contour easily to your face. Much lighter than even acetate, the feather-light feel makes them especially comfortable for everyday wear. They also come in a variety of colours.


A top-quality frames and sunglasses material, Ultem is not only a super flexible but a super strong material too. It won’t break even when bent out of shape and is also highly heat and flame resistant. It gives you everything you’re looking for in a pair of frames – durability, flexibility and feather-light weight.

Cellulose Propionate

If you’re only looking for plastic frames, you can try cellulose propionate that is a plastic similar to cellulose acetate but only in appearance. The material is considerably lighter. You have a variety of colour choices with these frames and they are also more cost effective. Cellulose Propionate can be adjusted through a core wire in the temple for a better fit.

Combo Materials

If you want the best of both worlds, you can pick combo frames that incorporate both metal and plastic. Many frames come with plastic rims but metal temples and/or bridges, or vice versa. Choosing this combination of frame materials gives you additional colours and styles to choose from while reaping the benefits of both.

If you have any more questions, reach out to our website helpline or walk into any Titan Eyeplus store where our certified optometrists and skilled personnel will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

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