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Remembering Dr B.C Roy This Doctor’s Day

Remembering Dr B.C Roy This Doctor’s Day

Although the world has always acknowledged the relentless service and indispensable role of doctors, this year they deserve a special tribute. The fight against Covid-19 Pandemic would not be the same without them exerting on the frontlines. Risking their own lives and leaving their loved ones behind, they have been struggling hard to save as many lives as possible. They are heroes, in the real sense! Aren’t they?

To pay tribute to such heroes, we commemorate July 1 every year as the National Doctor’s Day in India. The reason why such an important day is celebrated on this date is that it marks both the birth and death anniversary of a distinguished personality. That person is Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, a legendary physician who was also the second chief minister of West Bengal. Let us together learn more about Dr B.C Roy and Doctor’s Day below.

Remembering Dr Roy

Dr Bidhan was born on July 1, 1882, in Patna and lived up to the age of 80. By profession, he was not only a physician but also a politician. The reason why he is remembered with such fondness and respect is that he was also an inspiring leader and social worker. He made several significant contributions to the community throughout his life. Some of his most noteworthy efforts were in the medical field, which led to considerable advancements in the way healthcare facilities were offered.

His altruistic mindset made him gift his house to the people of Bengal, and he also constituted a trust to carry out social service. Dr Roy even led the Civil disobedience movement in Bengal and was later on elected as Mayor of Calcutta Corporation. He is considered as the greatest Chief Minister of West Bengal and a visionary for developing the State after independence with a lot of industrial development.

His Contributions to the Medical Field

He established the Indian Medical Association in the year 1928, and also the Medical Council of India.

He also had a major contribution in the establishment of the Indian Institute of Mental Health, Kolkata’s first-ever postgraduate medical college, and the Infectious Disease Hospital.

He also helped establish leading medical institutions in Calcutta namely, the Jadavpur T.B. Hospital, Victoria Institution, Chittaranjan Seva Sadan, Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital and Kamala Nehru Hospital.

For all the remarkable contributions, the Government of India honoured Dr Roy with the Bharat Ratna, the highest Indian civilian award, in the year 1961. Upon his demise in 1962, a special B.C. Roy National Award was also instituted in 1976 for honouring work in the area of medicine, science, politics, philosophy, arts and literature.

Celebrating Doctor’s Day

Doctor’s day is celebrated to pay tribute to all the medical professionals who continue to ethically serve all kinds of patients and make efforts in building a healthier society. It is a way of acknowledging their role and showing our heartfelt appreciation and respect.

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This day was constituted in India in the year 1991. While this day is celebrated in countries like U.S. and Brazil on other dates, we celebrate it on July 1 to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of Dr Roy, one of the greatest doctors India has seen.

The celebration of such a day is an attempt to reinforce the value of doctors in our lives. It is a way of showing them respect by commemorating one of their most excellent representatives. India has made remarkable improvements in the medical field, all because of the tireless efforts of various medical professionals.

Doctor’s Day This Year

This year, with the ongoing pandemic, doctors are once again showing how their profession demands them to serve the patients selflessly, and that is what they are diligently doing. While this day is generally celebrated in health organizations, we too at individual levels can reach out to doctors we know to praise them and show our respects on this special day.

So, let us rise and pay our tributes to all doctors, who are heroes and angels for ordinary people like us!

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