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Unisex Sunglasses

If you're a fashion-forward individual and follow trends regularly, you must know that today it's all about unisex fashion. Be it clothes or accessories, men are wearing women's accessories, and women are rocking outfits for men. So, basically, there are no barriers in fashion anymore. Same for sunglasses, there are a wide variety of unisex goggles available in the market today. From classic vintage aviators to new age and modern wayfarers, there is no limit to what you can shop for.

At Titan Eye+, we provide you with all kinds of unisex sunglasses from top brands under one roof. We ensure transparent pricing along with the best deals and offers online. You can easily browse through our website and pick a new pair of unisex shades for your wardrobe this season.

Types of Stylish Unisex Goggles

  • Classic Aviators

Sunglasses definitely do make or break your look. And what can be better than a classic pair of aviator unisex sunglasses? From Bollywood to Hollywood, the magic of aviators is everywhere. And if you too want to up your street fashion game, then these are for you!

  • Vintage Round

Another popular category of unisex sunglasses is the vintage round. If you love vintage fashion, these are surely for you. Round unisex shades complement those with angular features the most. So, if you want to add a touch of softness to your features, explore the range of round sunglasses at Titan Eye+.

  • Futuristic Wraparounds

Wraparounds, a trend for the millennials, is in popular demand right now. The full coverage and a stylish look make this one of the top choices among both men and women. A sunglasses style highly adopted among the top models; this one is a must-have!

  • Basic Squares

What's better than basic styles? Square unisex sunglasses are for everyone. Be it any face shape, square sunglasses will bring a hint of freshness to your overall look, especially popping colours like pink, red, white and more. Find all trendy hues at Titan Eye+.

Shop for Unisex Sunglasses Online

You might be thinking, why shop online when you can visit the store and try on different sunglasses, right? Well, at Titan Eye+, we have a solution for that too. We provide the virtual try-on facility that will enable you to see which unisex goggles suit your face the best. You do not have to visit the store physically; you can try on sunglasses from the comfort of your couch.

To find your next pair of stylish unisex goggles online, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Consider your face shape
  • Know the occasion
  • Keep your budget in mind


  1. Which unisex sunglasses are the most suitable for a square face?

For square face types, round unisex shades will look the best. It is because it balances out the sharp features and gives you a fashionable look instantly.

  1. Are stylish unisex goggles available at Titan Eye+?

Yes, at Titan Eye+, we offer a host of options online from top brands like Ray-Ban, Fastrack, Vogue, Polaroid and more.

  1. Is Titan Eye+ affordable?

We ensure transparent and reasonable pricing at Titan Eye+. You can even filter out options according to your budget.

  1. Is the virtual try-on facility available for all unisex goggles?

You can use the virtual try-on facility on most unisex sunglasses.

  1. What is the payment procedure online?

You can make your payment online using a credit/debits card or through net banking.

  1. Can we easily return/exchange the product?

Yes, you can apply for the return/exchange of the product on the website or visit your nearest store.

  1. Is UV protection available in all unisex sunglasses?

Yes, long with stylish designs, you get 100% UV protection in most unisex sunglasses. You can check for the features below every product.

  1. Are polarized lenses essential?

Polarized lenses are a great add on in sunglasses. They help you protect your eyes from unwanted glare and provides better vision.

  1. How to find the nearest Titan Eye+ store?

You can use our store locator available at our website and locate your nearest Titan Eye+ store.

  1. Which unisex sunglasses style and colour is in trend right now?

One of the most trendy unisex goggles designs is aviators. They never go out of style and suit almost all face types. Black and brown are the evergreen colours in this

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