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Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray Ban Sunglasses is considered among world’s top-most brand of eyewear across the world. It’s quality and styling is what makes it stand apart from many other renowned eyewear brands. Titan Eyeplus brings the Ray Ban Sunglasses collection for its customers. The brand offers Ray Ban Sunglasses for men along with unisex styles of sunglasses.

Ray Ban Sunglasses are smart and uniquely styled eyewear, especially who like to flaunt a suave look. Mostly worn by men, with newer additions of sunglasses that can be worn by women as well, Ray Ban Sunglasses can be matched with various attires and occasions, especially for outdoor activities. Titan Eyeplus offers around 19 interesting styles of Ray Ban Sunglasses with features that make all of them must-have sunglasses by men and women.

Check out the Ray Ban Sunglasses collection by Titan Eyeplus available online. Titan stores are present all over India. You can shop Ray Ban Sunglasses offline from top cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata etc.

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses are specifically rimmed sunglasses, owing to its creation.

  • The colour of the frames in Ray Ban Sunglasses is kept classic and evergreen. Titan Eyeplus brings the various frame colours available in Ray Ban Sunglasses such as Black, Brown, Gold, and Tortoise.

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses became popular for its original green-coloured lens, which went through changes with newer trends and styles in the optics market. Updated colour options in lens colours includes Antique Gold, Blue Gradient, Blue Mirror, Brown Gradient, Brown Pink Gradient, Gold Mirror, Gradient Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Light Grey, Brown and Green. All the lens colours look great with the various styles of frames by Ray Ban.

  • Ray Ban Sunglasses originally developed only Aviator style of sunglasses. The brand has had various style additions to it with various trendy sunglasses models. Titan Eyeplus offers the Aviator, Sporty and Wayfarer sunglasses frames. Going for a long drive? Pair a smart pair of aviators with your dress.

  • Known for its quality and style, Ray Ban Sunglasses never compromise on the two main elements that make the brand what it stands for. The Ray Ban Sunglasses available online on Titan Eyeplus have are 100% UV protected and even polarized sunglasses.

  • Ray Ban is a niche brand of sunglasses and caters to those who love quality and a good branded pair of glasses. The price range of Ray Ban Sunglasses ranges between Rs. 3,000 and above Rs. 10,000.

About the Ray Ban Brand

The iconic brand Ray Ban came into existence as a necessity for US Air Force pilots to avoid the strong glare that affected their eyes. New airplanes allowed them to fly higher but they also needed eye protection, for which special sunglasses with coloured lenses were created, hence the Ray Ban Sunglasses was born. Since 1937, Ray Ban launched its anti-glare range of sunglasses especially aviators. The original Ray Ban Aviators were made of a plastic frame, which was remodelled with a metal frame. Ray-Ban also meaning anti-glare, was an apt name given to the sunglasses brand.

Ray Ban Sunglasses have ruled the world of optics since its inception. Aviators are definitely the most hot-selling style of Ray Ban Sunglasses, but it offers various other styles including Wayfarers and sporty frames. Ray Ban continues to renovate its styling, by combining contemporary designs with its quality and rich craftsmanship.

Explore the flawless collection of Ray Ban Sunglasses available online on Titan Eyeplus and pick a suitable pair of sunglasses!

Ray Ban Sunglasses Collection Price List

Ray Ban Sunglasses Collection


Brown Round Rayban Women Sunglasses-SRB43047107352 Rs. 7690
Black Round Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB4266601S554948 Rs. 12390
Black Square Rayban Men Sunglasses-SRB4187601305453 Rs. 7690
Brown Wayfarer Rayban Women Sunglasses-SRB4171865135453 Rs. 7790
Brown Bugeye Rayban Women Sunglasses-SRB4101860515857 Rs. 9490
Grey Square Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB3648M0047152 Rs. 10090
Gold Square Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB359590138356 Rs. 10090
Black Aviator Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB3584N004135858 Rs. 10690
Gold Square Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB3548N91233M53 Rs. 9490
Grey Square Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-SRB3548N0047153 Rs. 9490

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