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Give Yourself A Movie Star Makeover With Aviator Sunglasses

Would you believe us if we told you that looking like a million-dollar movie star is easy? Think Tom Cruise from Top Gun. Or if you haven't seen that, then picture Robert Downey Jr. from the Iron Man movies. You have seen him strut around with confidence and panache. People all around him seem to be in awe of him. If you want to emulate that kind of a style, we have an easy solution for you - aviator sunglasses.

The Devil-May-Care Persona of The Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are no ordinary sunglasses. They stray away from the rigid shapes of square and cat eyeglasses. On the other hand, the aviator sunglasses also do not fall into the category of circle or oval sunglasses. Aviator sunglasses have their own design. They have a soft tear-drop shaped lens with accentuated gentle-thin frames. This kind of design lends them a devil-may-care attitude. It is for this reason that its wearer is always perceived as someone cool and suave. Just think of the two movie stars we told you about.

Tom Cruise sports aviator men’s sunglasses as a pilot in Top Gun. Robert Downey Jr also flaunts these aviator men’s sunglasses when he is out on a trip to the Middle East in the first Iron Man. There are countless other examples, but the point remains: Aviator sunglasses have the power to make you look and feel like a cool movie star. And whether you are using aviator sunglasses for men or for women, aviator sunglasses always work their charm. So, if you are wondering how your next profile picture can become better, simply click a photo with aviator sunglasses on. We assure you that your photo will be buzzing with hundreds of likes and comments.

The Glorious Past of Aviator Sunglasses

While these aviator sunglasses command the movie star look now, they were originally conceived as a protective gear. In the late 1930s, American pilots expressed their discomfort during flights at high altitudes. The sun would feel too intense and harsh on their eyes. As a result of this, their eyes often swelled up. So, the US military teamed up with an eyewear company to come up with protective glasses. That is how the first aviator men’s sunglasses came into existence. The tear-drop shaped lens of these aviator men’s sunglasses lent extra coverage to the area around the eyes. For this reason, the pilots had a much easier time flying.

The aviator sunglasses for men went on to gain prominence among the civilian population. Their popularity skyrocketed even further after World War II, when many celebrities were seen wearing these aviator men’s sunglasses. Soon enough these aviator sunglasses for men became a symbol of the suave and laidback person. It even gained a fan following among women.

Buy Aviator Sunglasses for Men Online

If you have already started liking what aviator sunglasses stand for, then wait no more. Head to the nearest Titan Eyeplus showroom and explore a diverse range of aviator sunglasses. Get buying today!

FAQs on Aviator Sunglasses

Are aviator sunglasses for men better than wayfarer sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses for men has its own distinctive fashion style. It cannot exactly be said that it is better than wayfarer sunglasses. However, if you are looking for a laidback and maverick persona, then aviator sunglasses for men are for you.

Why are sunglasses aviator for mens also known as pilot sunglasses?

Sunglasses aviator for mens are also commonly referred to as pilot sunglasses because of its origin. These sunglasses aviator for mens were originally conceived as protection gear for American pilots. Pilots flying at high altitudes experienced sunburn and swelling of eyes. They needed protection from the sun. Hence, these sunglasses aviator for mens were designed accordingly.

Are there only aviator sunglasses for men at Titan Eyeplus?

No. If you visit the Titan Eyeplus website, you will find cool aviator sunglasses for women as well. In addition to this, Titan Eyeplus also has aviator sunglasses unisex.

Does Titan Eyeplus offer reasonable aviator sunglasses price?

Given how wide the collection of sunglasses is at Titan Eyeplus, you will find an aviator sunglasses price well-fitting to your budget.

What is so special about aviator sunglasses?

The aviator sunglasses do not conform to the rigid shapes of the square or rectangular glasses. Nor do they fall under the category of round or oval glasses. Their shape and frame design are unique. As a result of this, aviator sunglasses flaunt a standout fashion statement, compared to other sunglasses.

Does Titan Eyeplus sunglasses have 100% UV protection?

Yes. You are guaranteed 100% protection from the sunlight with any sunglass you purchase from Titan Eyeplus. This is because Titan Eyeplus understands that protection of your eyes is an incredibly important concern.

Do the Titan pilot sunglasses come with a return or exchange policy?

Titan Eyeplus’ aviator sunglasses do have both. You are given a week after you buy the sunglass, in which you can return it. For exchanging purposes, you can consult the customer support or get help at the nearest Titan Eyeplus store.

Are metal good for aviator sunglasses frames?

Yes. Metal offer strength, durability as well as malleability. All these three qualities make the sunglasses long lasting.

I am confused about the colour choice for my aviator sunglasses. Which one should I pick?

Choosing a colour is subjective. You can browse the Titan Eyeplus website and see which aviator sunglasses unisex appeal to you and choose accordingly.

How do I know that the aviator sunglasses I chose will fit my face?

Titan Eyeplus has a virtual Try-on. You can use it to see what size fits you best.

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