No One Does it Like Ray-Ban

When it comes to timeless sunglasses, Ray-Ban is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind. It is responsible for some of the most iconic eyewear shapes on the market. The renowned brand, which was founded a century ago to fill a need in the optics market, has firmly established itself as one of the world's most popular eyewear brands, having been worn and adorned by celebrities and other well-known personalities for decades. The American brand has established itself as a forerunner in the eyewear business thanks to its timeless designs, superior technology, and unsurpassed sophistication. Ray-Ban is the go-to eyewear brand for folks who are not scared to show their true colours.

From an Eyewear Manufacturer to an Iconic Eyewear Brand

Ray-Ban has a long and illustrious history since its establishment in 1937. It was founded by an American business, Bausch & Lomb, and has since grown to become a global fashion phenomenon, with celebrities ranging from the singer Beyoncé to Bollywood superstar Priyanka Chopra wearing its most recognizable designs.

The brand's popularity has only grown, thanks to a little help from Hollywood, which included classic RayBan goggles in films such as Breakfast at Tiffany's and Rebel Without a Cause. Ray-Ban became a symbol of Hollywood, pop culture, and the American spirit, and it continued to play a role in boosting the elusive coolness of famous characters. After a brief period of decline in the 1970s, Ray-Ban was reintroduced to popularity in the 1980s because of Tom Cruise's use of the Aviator and Wayfarer styles in Top Gun and Risky Business. The iconic Wayfarer style has remained a go-to for off-duty shades, featuring in recent films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and being seen on celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

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Aviator Classic RayBan Goggles

What is the easiest way to look cool? Putting on a pair of aviator sunglasses. Launched by Ray-Ban in 1937 to aid in the protection of U.S. aviators while flying, the frame shape has since become a symbol of cool, worn by celebrities and politicians alike. G-15 lenses used in RayBan goggles were also launched with the style, with its green tint offering improved clarity, comfort, and protection for pilots. There have been several variations of the original aviator since its release, but if you want to keep it traditional, go with the classic style.

Wayfarer RayBan Goggles

Wayfarer RayBan goggles were developed by Raymond Stegeman of Bausch & Lomb (Ray-Ban's parent company at the time) in 1952. The trapezoidal shape of these RayBan goggles was inspired in part by Eames chairs and Cadillac tail fins, and quickly became one of the most popular pairs of Ray Ban black sunglasses, continuing to thrive as a favourite today. They are one of the most iconic styles of RayBan shades for men.

New Wayfarer Classic RayBan Goggles

The New Wayfarer adapts the OG silhouette with a gentler take, slimming down the frames and softening the edges. The New Wayfarer RayBan goggles will be perfect for you if you have always appreciated the classic Wayfarer style but never felt confident enough to quite pull it off. The style is also very well suited for smaller faces.

Clubmaster Classic RayBan Goggles

The Clubmaster's strong retro appearance, while still indisputably hip, looks more rockabilly than the Wayfarers and its variants. The pair is mostly known for its wire-rimmed lenses, which lend them a slightly studious appearance. They have the "brow line" style that gained prominence in the 1950s. They are just as timeless as the Wayfarers, but far more noticeable. Clubmaster Round, Clubmaster Oval, and Clubmaster Square are some of the other Clubmaster styles available from Ray-Ban.

1. Why are RayBan Goggles so famous?

RayBan goggles are equal parts performance and fashion thanks to their high-quality frames, protective lenses, and just-right fit. That means they are equally good for a day around town as they are on the water, in the snow, or anyplace else you prefer to travel.

2. Which type of RayBan Goggles are best for my professional look?

If you wish to pair your RayBan goggles with formal wear, you can either go for aviator sunglasses or classic wayfarer styles by the brand.

3. Are G-15 lenses better than polarised lenses?

G-15 green lenses provide clearer vision and a more "natural" appearance. Polarised lenses, on the other hand, lower the brightness of shining objects, such as chrome, and huge bodies of water significantly. You can choose either based on usage.

4. How do I read my RayBan sun glass serial number?

A Ray Ban original sunglasses' model number can be located inside the left temple arm of the sunglasses. It will begin with the letters RB, which will be clearly engraved and centred, and aligned with the arm.

5. How can I check my Ray-Ban shades are authentic?

To establish their authenticity, Ray Ban original sunglasses will have "RB,” or "Ray Ban" carved into the corner of the left lens. The shades are created in Italy, as evidenced by a little "CE" insignia on the right arm. This, as well as the model number, should be printed parallel to the arm. If you are buying used glasses, the serial number on the box should always match the number on the spectacles.

6. Where is Ray Ban smart glasses made?

Most Ray Ban glasses for women and men and manufactured in either Italy or China.

7. Can my power lenses be fitted in Ray Ban spectacles?

Yes, you can select the lenses that best suit your needs. In your Ray Ban specs frame, you can have single vision lenses, progressive lenses, or zero power lenses fitted.

8. Why are RayBan shades for men so popular?

Ray-Ban has been known for their high-quality sunglasses, especially for men. Their iconic styles like aviators and wayfarers were popularised by the likes of Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, President John F. Kennedy, and Joe Biden, etc.

9. Which RayBan goggles style is a classic?

Wayfarer and Aviator RayBan goggles are believed to be the most iconic and classic styles manufactured by the brand. The styles are a preferred choice of celebrities, public figures, and common folk alike.

10. What is the Ray Ban goggles price in India?

Ray Ban price in India starts from ₹4000 and can vary across styles.