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Choose the Best Spectacle Frames for Your Face Shape

For every person who wears eyeglasses, it is a nightmare not to find the right glass frame that suits them. We are sure it sounds familiar to you. When you enter a store dedicated to eyewear, you see people queueing up to check out a few pieces of eyewear before finalizing the ones that look attractive or asking friends, family, or even the sellers for their opinions. Yes, eyeglasses have that kind of power. Spectacle frames can make or mar your personality. A case in point is the number of Bollywood celebrities who wear the latest spectacle frames to flaunt their look. You do want to look like them, isn't it?

While a major part of the years 2020 and 2021 were spent in a hybrid mode, where one would partially work from home and office, it is no surprise that most people have spent endless hours before their screens attending zoom calls, filling up those endless timesheets and whatnot. But regardless of whether you were working from home or the office, your eyes deserve comfort, and they still do. If you are continuing in that mode where you are required to spend all your time before your laptop screen, you must consider wearing spectacle frames that would bring your eyes some respite, which is why choosing the best spectacles frames for men and spectacles frames for women are indispensable.

But it does not have to be so complicated. There are so many factors that can help you determine the kind of glasses you must wear. So, without further ado, let us understand those factors and add that extra dash of jazz to your personality with spectacles for women and spectacles for men

Identify Your Face Shape

There is no eyewear guide in this world that will not mention this factor. Identifying your face shape is crucial in helping you determine what to choose. Next, you must always remember that the spectacle frames you choose must always be in contrast to your face shape. For instance, if you have a square or rectangular face, you must pick up oval or round spectacle frames and vice-versa. It is ideal to avoid round frames for round-face shapes and square frames for square-face shapes.

Pick the Right Colour

You would never want to end up wearing glasses that look dull on your face or appear at odds with your ensemble. But, on the other hand, you will always want to wear spectacle frames with colours like olive green, blue, honey, beige and more if you have a warm skin tone so that you can steal that limelight at your friends' party. Alternatively, you can opt for silver, black, purple, grey, or similar colours if you have a slightly fair skin tone. You can also pick up transparent spectacles.

Find Out Whether It Suits Your Lifestyle Routine

All of us must go to work every day. While some are retired personnel, some study. The best spectacle frames must complement your lifestyle. Find durable, strong, sturdy spectacle frames that support your active or passive lifestyle. You can pick spectacle frames made up of steel, plastic, acetate, metal, or glass, depending on your lifestyle. If you spend much time before the screen, you must opt for computer glasses. You can also opt for prescription power sunglasses if you spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Experiment a Little With Spectacle Frames

While some people like to go with bold and dark spectacle frames, and some go that extra

mile to experiment with frameless spectacles. There is, after all, nothing wrong with spicing it up a bit so that you can experiment with your look. Repeating your everyday look might get boring and mundane after a point, so why not experiment?

Save Yourself from Going Overboard with Size

While it was okay, once upon a time, to wear big, oversized glasses, and it still is in 2022, but it does not imply that bigger is always the better. If your face shape does not support large frames, drop them. Opt for subtle frameless spectacles so you do not have to struggle to make your presence felt. 

Always Buy from Trusted Brands

You can buy spectacle frames from any local shop these days, but that might not be a wise decision, especially since there is no accountability and guarantee of how durable the eyewear would turn out to be. So, it is only prudent that you head to trusted brands such as Titan Eyeplus and Fastrack to get a diverse range of options and get genuine products.

FAQs on Spectacle Frames

Which is the trending spectacle frames?

Frames that mostly balances out your features are the best. Usually, oval or cat eyes are considered the best spectacles for women.

Which spectacle frames are making the headlines in 2022?

Latest spectacle frames such as clear-cut hexagons, frames with hard lines, rigid squares, and thick-rimmed geometric glasses are making the headlines in 2022.

Which eyeglasses are good for your eyesight?

The impact-resistant Polycarbonate lenses are good for your eyesight.

Which spectacle frames for men will suit my face?

Rectangular spectacle frames for men give your round face a balanced contour and make your

face looks narrow. You can opt for square and rectangular shapes.

Are designer spectacles for men worth it?

Designer spectacles for men are not just about a brand name. It is about quality, durability, warranty, and the reputation that comes along with it.

For which type of spectacles frames for women’s do I opt?

If you are looking for spectacles frames for women's, you can look for frames that is thin but looks wide on your cheekbones and looks proportional at the same time. 

Will transparent spectacles look good on me?

Yes, transparent spectacles will look good on anyone with a rectangular face.

What type of spectacle frames are currently popular with the youth?

Currently, the youth is more focused on easy-to-wear and fashion-forward frames such as sleek metals, warm-toned tortoise colourations, and mixed materials. However, young professionals also prefer transparent spectacles and frameless spectacles. 

How can I identify my face shape?

To determine your face shape, you must take a close look at your cheekbones, jawline and forehead and measure them.

Can men wear frameless spectacles?

Of course. Men who wear frameless spectacles look very handsome.

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