Spectacles for Women

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Upgrade your Style With Trendy Spectacles for Women

When it comes to fashion, everything counts in it. Be it your clothes, footwear, bags, or accessories, one such accessory is your spectacles. Although >spectacles are worn as a sign of eye weakness, you can still style them with all grace. It can turn your entire look from zero to infinity in no time. And when it comes to changes and fast-paced fashion trends, we have seen a wide variety of spectacular eyewear. From basic frames to stylish big spectacle frames, there is much to get your hands on.

Spectacles have taken over the whole idea of fashion to the next level. You can pick anything of your choice, from sizes of frames to colors and design range. Earlier spectacles had a boring appearance, and many of you wanted to avoid them at fancy places. However, today they are so fashionable that everyone has at least 2-3 frames matching major outfits. There are three kinds of spectacles:

Full frame


Rimless glasses.

Are you also looking to accessorize your spectacles in the best feasible way? Or do you wish to get your hands on the most voguish spectacles for yourself? Then, look at what new we have in the market and take your fashion statement to another level. Read on to know more.

Types of Spectacles for Women

Cat Eye Spectacle Frames

Very much in demand among kids and the first choice for people, cat eye spectacles have always been the top priority. These frames are best suited for people with a sharp jawline. The cat eye spectacle frames are a stylish and sassy fit for anyone looking to stand out amongst everyone. These spectacles look amazing on diamond face shape women.


The aviators are a very minimalistic addict to your list. Aviator women's glasses manage a very bold look for everyday purposes and are the most iconic types one must go for. For that extra appealing appearance, it is a must-have in your collection. It can be best styled with a co-ord set for that cool and bold look. Get your hands on unique-looking aviators to add a wow factor to your entire look.

Browline Glasses

One of the immensely popular styles that still rules over anything, and everything is the browline eyeglass. Dated back to the 1950s, the bold upper part holding the lens resembles the eyebrows. They enjoyed their fame and time during the renaissance and even today. These spectacles for women have made a comeback in today's time.

Oversized Spectacle Frames

Regular fits are now replaced by oversized spectacles for a more sassy and cool appearance. Irrespective of the face cut, they go along with everyone since they are cool and quirky and are, however, more in demand these days. They also protect from the sun since they are tinted. The phrase "the bigger, the better" applies to all fashion choices, including your spectacles. So, for a cooler and unique look, oversized frames are the best option. The oversized frames help in making your face look slimmer and enhanced.

Round Eyeglasses

They are the smallest and are also quite narrow. The smaller spectacle frames fit perfectly to square face types and compliments it. They are best suitable for rectangular, oblong, or oval face shapes. You can use these kinds of frames for a retro look and never regret it. These spectacle frames often tend to soften the sharp features and give the face a balanced and softer look. They naturally lift the features of the face and make you look younger.

Horn-Rimmed Glasses

They are spectacles originally made of either horn or tortoise shell. As designs, they were the first to become popular as fashion accessories. A variation of horn-rimmed glasses was the browline glasses that also gained popularity. They are an eccentric style of spectacles that are again emerging as a trendy style of spectacles among women.

Square Spectacles

These spectacle frames have equal height and width. Their boxy shape adds the edge to a round and soft face shape. They are the most stylish frames and are also available oversized. Big oversized square spectacles for women are the new trend alert and are very much talked about. Women love to carry them with any outfit for a perfect lunch date with your girl gang or a vacation on the beach. These are a must-have in your travel bag.

For a more standardized look, Titan has established the benchmark with the most comfortable and classy spectacles for women. Women have it all when it comes to fashion and options; since they love to style themselves according to the vibe and mood, there is a lot more in the collection for them. From vibrant colors to most voguish styles, Titan offers a wide variety of spectacles you can style any day, anytime. Keeping up with the trend, Titan has an option for all women looking for a complete package of spectacles in terms of styles, colors, and sizes. If you are looking for something that goes with your everyday mood and outfits, or even if you are looking for more options to carry along for different purposes, head on to Titan's store for the unbeatable collection of premium spectacles for women. Titan offers you complete transparency in pricing and never lets you compromise with the quality with a strong focus on the customer's demand.

FAQs on Spectacles for Women

Where can I find Titan spectacles for women?

To buy spectacles for women, you can go on their official website or visit their store nearby for the best collection.

Are Titan spectacles too expensive?

No, the price range of Titan spectacles starts from very nominal to a very exclusive price range. Please scroll down the options available on their website and find the ones that fit your budget.

Are Titan spectacles comfortable?

Titan has designed the spectacle frames in a way that looks vogue, super comfortable, and easy to carry. The comfort of the wearer is their top priority.

What are the most popular frames for women?

The most lovable styles and the hottest selling pieces are the cat eye, horn rimmed, round eyeglasses and oversized glasses. You can buy any of these and slay your look.

How is the quality of Titan spectacles for women?

Titan promises a range of spectacles that are non-breakable and scratch-proof. The quality is super good and lifelong. You can always rely on them for the best quality at pocket-friendly prices.

What is the exchange or refund policy with Titan?

Titan has your back; it has an exchange policy within 7 days from the delivery date; once the pickup is done, the amount will be refunded as an online credit in your wallet. The exchange and refund policy are quite straightforward to help the buyer make a stress-free purchase.

Do Titan also provide eye tests for power?

If you are unsure about your eyesight, you can visit any nearby Titan store and get a zero error 20-step eye test. Titan not only provides lenses, glasses, frames, and sunglasses to you but also provides an eye test facility for you.

How long will it take to make and deliver my order?

For spectacles and power lenses, the time Titan takes for delivery is usually 5-7 working days. The smooth and timely delivery ensures that you do not face any issues or wait for long to receive the order.

How to find the Status of my order?

Your details regarding the purchase of their products are available in the order tab on your account. Also, an SMS or email will be sent to you once you place the order, and you can also chat or call our customer care. The customer support services are well-designed to ensure a seamless experience for the buyer.

How often should we get our eye test done?

To ensure healthy eyes and keep track of your powers, we recommend you have an eye test every six months. You can visit Titan's nearby store or book an appointment on their website.

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