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Functional Mirrored Sunglasses for Cooler Days

When it comes to eyewear, its functionality matters. That is a basic requirement. However, sometimes these functionalities become terrific fashion statements, such as mirrored sunglasses. Also known as reflective sunglasses and reflector sunglasses, mirrored sunglasses have evolved to epitomize new-age aesthetics. They are available in tinted mirror finishes, customizable colour gradients and bold spectacle frames to create eyewear that incorporates function and fashion. 

Mirrored goggles, or mirrored shades as they are alternatively called, have several benefits, including glare protection, durability, and UV protection from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, the mirror-like finish on the lens lends your facial features a sophisticated edge over conventional eyewear. If you are actively looking to experiment with your modern style, you can make use of reflector sunglasses for men and reflector sunglasses for women. First, let us understand how mirrored sunglasses work.

The Basics of Mirrored Sunglasses

Mirrored sunglasses, just like the iconic Aviators, were designed to fulfil a functional purpose. They are designed to deflect around 30% of the infrared rays of the sun. They have functional value as they provide UV protection to your eyes up to 100%. The reflector goggles or reflector shades are responsible for sieving extra light from passing through the lenses. Additionally, it keeps your vision glare-free and clear. The mirrored finish reduces the amount of UV rays drastically penetrating your eyes. These properties mirrored sunglasses men and mirrored sunglasses women, immensely popular and fashionable all year round. 

Benefits of Mirrored Sunglasses

Besides returning to the trending fashion culture in the 2000s, mirrored sunglasses have several benefits. So let us explore them as an accessory and lifestyle essentials.

Outdoor Usage

Mostly worn by athletes who spend prolonged hours outdoors, mirrored sunglasses are excellent when used outdoors. It is especially used when skiing, surfing, fishing, or even snowboarding. 

UV Protection

One of the most important benefits of mirrored sunglasses is that they are super-efficient in blocking UV rays and extra sunlight. Since prolonged UV radiation exposure can lead to skin cancer near the eye, or worse, eye problems, reflective sunglasses can act as protective gear.


The metallic mirror layer that protects the lens of reflector sunglasses qualifies it with extra durability in the face of scratches and damage. 

Glare Protection

If you spend a major part of your day outdoors, we understand that glares are detrimental. They cause damage to your eye health in the long run. But mirrored goggles can hold glares from reflective surfaces such as water or snow at bay.

Clear Field of Vision

Owing to its UV protection properties and light-filtering abilities, mirrored shades keep your vision comfortable and clear. One of the primary advantages of reflector shades is that they provide augmented brightness and transparency to your vision.


The mirror coating has enabled this style of glasses to incorporate diverse colour gradients and frame options, pushing it out to be a stylish add-on to your eyewear collection.

The advantages of reflector sunglasses for men and reflector sunglasses for women have enabled them to quickly evolve into popular eyewear essential of the new-age eyewear fashion lovers. From sportspersons to celebs, assorted styles of reflector goggles can be found with trusted brands like Titan Eyeplus and Fastrack. Our diverse range of vibrant frames, colour gradients and protective properties make our collection the most preferred.

Therefore, it would be best to end your predicament by quickly visiting at a nearby Titan Eyeplus store so that you can gauge numerous factors before investing in mirrored sunglasses. Our very trusted home-grown brand comes with a guarantee of genuine products with customizable lenses, high-quality and consumer satisfaction.

FAQs on Mirrored Sunglasses

What are the advantages of mirrored sunglasses?

While most sunglasses offer protection from the harmful rays of the sun, mirrored sunglasses men and mirrored sunglasses women provide an extra feature that makes them stand out. Owing to the special coating, these reflector goggles have anti-reflective abilities that help bounce sunlight away. 

What are mirrored sunglasses called?

Mirrored sunglasses are also known as reflector shades, reflector sunglasses, and goggles.

Are mirrored sunglasses better than polarized ones?

While both polarized sunglasses and mirrored sunglasses have the ability to enable your vision in bright light effectively, many prefer mirrored sunglasses for motorcycling, skiing, cycling, or snowboarding. On the other hand, some of us choose polarized glasses because of their unique abilities to block horizontal lights and help in water activities such as boating and fishing.

Can mirrored sunglasses damage eyes?

No. On the contrary, mirrored sunglasses prevent UV radiation from entering your eyes and inflict no damage.

Are mirrored sunglasses effective while driving?

Mirrored sunglasses decrease glare, which is helpful if you are driving in high traffic, where light is often reflected from other vehicles and cast on your eyes, is effective.

Do mirrored sunglasses block more light?

Mirrored sunglasses use conventional tinting and a fine reflective optical coating. This coating or layer lessens the light passing through the lenses by 10–60%.

Are mirrored shades darker in colour?

A mirror coating on the front side of the lens helps to reflect light away, but unfortunately, it results in a dark-coloured lens because of the concept of 'ambient glare,' wherein sunlight bounces back and does not reach your eyes.

Are all polarized lenses mirrored?

Most often, polarized lenses feature flash-coated or non-mirrored lenses, typically tinted in grey or amber, which particularly sifts horizontally reflected glare and light.

Are mirrored swimming goggles better?

Mirrored lenses are preferred during brighter days and can be worn when swimming. But polarized lenses sometimes turn out to be more productive at filtering glare.

What is the point of mirrored sunglasses?

Mirrored sunglasses reflect light away from your eyes, making your view darker, shaded and more comfortable on bright and sunny days. However, on overcast or darker days, the mirrored sunglasses would deflect the light away from your eyes but end up giving you a dimmer view.

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