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Trendy Sunglasses for Men: A Detailed Guide

The warm, sunny season is here, and it's time to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and look cool. So, it's time for all the dapper to stock up on the stylish and trendy shades for men. From timeless sunglasses for men like classic aviator, round, and square sunglasses to more extravagant styles, including clubmaster sunglasses, there are many options available for you to shop from.

You must select the best goggles according to your face shape and the one that suits your personality. If you plan to buy goggles for men , keep scrolling through to know the detailed guide. Here is a list of some of the trendy sunglasses for menthat you can consider.

Types of Sunglasses for Men

Aviator Sunglasses

The aviator sunglasses for men were developed for the pilots to protect their eyes while flying the plane. Now, these sunglasses have even been demanded as a fashion statement. The vintage thin metal frames and the reflective lenses are in high demand. The timeless nature of the aviators has made the aviator shades for men the most popular choice!

Wayfarer Sunglasses

After the popular aviators, the wayfarers entered the fashion world and were an instant hit. These goggles for men are a great choice if you want something different from the metal frames in modern shapes and designs. These sunglasses for men have a square-like appearance with round edges that give a casual look. Buy the wayfarer sunglasses to add the wow factor to your overall look and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. The neutral black colour of wayfarer sunglasses can be styled with all the outfits.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses for men must-have glasses for trendy festival goers. The thin round frame of the shades helps to create a vintage vibe, while the thicker round frame creates a modern and chic style.

Clubmaster Sunglasses

The clubmaster sunglasses have a unique type of frame. These sunglasses were most demanded during the 1950s and 60s and were also known as browline sunglasses. If you prefer to wear different colour shades for men, they are still a great choice of frame.

Square Sunglasses

The square sunglasses are versatile, classic goggle pieces that are a must-have! These shades for men are known for their versatility. The square sunglasses suit every face type but look extraordinary on round faces. These sunglasses are simple and modern styles that add a stylish finishing touch to your casual outfits.

Oval Sunglasses

The oval frames help to make the round face more structured and attractive. The round appearance comfortably covers the entire eye for maximum sun protection. The oval sunglasses for men are perfect for every occasion and look incredibly stylish with a thicker frame. With the oval sunglasses, nail the carefree, classy look every day.

Rectangle Sunglasses

The rectangle sunglasses are a softer alternative to the square frame sunglasses that help to pull focus towards the centre of your face. These sunglasses for men are available in a wide range of styles, including retro, sporty, casual, and vintage.

Hexagonal Sunglasses

The hexagonal sunglasses are the trendiest ones that are great for those looking to stand out in something slightly different. These sunglasses combine a round and square frame shape for a trendy alternative. The different geometrical shape goggles for men are in high demand as it helps to enhance the look of the wearer.

Sunglasses, like many other accessories, help to protect your eyes from the intensity of light to enhance your vision. They are no longer a simple tool but are also a fashion statement in today's time. They undoubtedly showcase personal style and flair. You can rock the show any day with some amazing pair of goggles for men. Even the doctors suggest wearing protective sunglasses anytime in the sun.

When buying classy and elegant sunglasses for men, Titan is undoubtedly the first name that comes to mind. The brand offers the most iconic eyewear that is affordably priced in the market and is adorned by celebrities. Titan has maintained a benchmark in offering men and women the most comfortable and trendy sunglasses. You can buy their trendy sunglasses ranging from vibrant colours to most voguish styles. Titan always helps you all to never compromise with style and look amazing every day without any effort.

Now that you know the details regarding different shades for men and their uses, hop on to Titan store and buy their most trendy sunglasses for men. Check out their amazing collection and buy the one that suits your face and personality.

FAQs on Goggles for Men

What are the advantages of sunglasses?

The sunglasses not only help to protect the eyes of the wearer from the harmful UV rays but have also become a fashion statement. Therefore, you must always wear sunglasses whenever you step out of your home to protect your eyes from harmful rays.

What kind of eyeglasses are in style for 2021 for men?

Some of the trendiest sunglasses for men in 2021 include:

The aviators

The translucent

Oversized sunglasses

No screw hinges

Square sunglasses

What glasses are frames in style in 2022?

2022 is the year of fashion and style; some of the sunglasses for men that will be a fashion statement in 2022 include thick-rim dark frame glasses, wireframe Glasses, vintage-style aviators, round frames, and oversized frames.

Which brand is the best for frames?

The best sunglasses are always in style. You can buy the best shades for men from Titan. The best eyewear brand offers the trendiest sunglasses at affordable prices. They offer non-breakable and non-scratchable sunglasses made with the best quality products.

Which type of glasses is best for my face?

The curved frames with delicate lines tend to be specially designed for diamond-shaped faces. The oval glasses balance out the angular features of the wearer. The cat-eye or browline glasses play with opposites and draw the eye to the brow line. At the same time, the round glasses help to bring soft contrast to the defined forehead and chin. Get the best one that suits your face structure.

What colour of glasses should I buy?

To choose the colour of your glasses, you must check for your skin tone and hair colour. These factors are extremely helpful when choosing a shade for your eyeglass frames. Skin tone is the most important factor that must be considered. A frame should always compliment your look, skin tone and hair colour to add an oomph factor to your look.

What colour of shades for men will make me look younger?

The warm-coloured glasses make the wearer look younger. The cool and flashy tones go best for the younger generations. Warmer tones go great on both older men and women.

Which is the best sunglasses brand?

Many eyewear brands in the market sell unique and trendy sunglasses for men to customers. You can find a wide variety in style, price, and colour. Each pair of shades for men is distinctive and has impressive features. If you are willing to buy classy sunglasses at pocket-friendly prices, Titan square sunglasses are without even a second thought.

Are sunglasses for men expensive, or are there any budget-friendly options to buy?

You can find numerous eyewear brands that offer some great budget-friendly options. Undoubtedly, high-end brands charge huge sums of money for goggles for men, but Titan is there to meet all your needs at the best prices. Check out the Titan page for the best quality glasses and the most affordable options.

Which online glasses site is best?

To buy the best sunglasses for men, you can browse the Titan website and choose the best that suits your personality. They offer premium quality eyewear in different shapes, sizes, and colours for you to select. The eyewear will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassle.

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