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Ray Ban Eyewear

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Ray Ban Glasses

The quality and unique styling have made Ray Ban glasses the most renowned and admired brand of eyeglasses. Be it men or women, Ray Ban glasses are among everyone’s favourites. Glasses are definitely a mode of protection to our eyes, but it also adds style and aids in vision correction at the same time. Titan Eyeplus promises to deliver an outstanding range of eyeglasses to its customers, which are latest and from the best of brands from across the globe.

The popular eyeglass brand doesn’t only provide design and style, it also offers good quality lenses that provide vision correction and are comfortable at the same time. Ray Ban glasses are a niche brand of eyewear, and are smart and uniquely styled, especially for those who like to flaunt a suave look. Sunglasses are essential eyewear that protects our eyes, but they also impress people around us and Ray Ban glasses can make a person stand out in the crowd.

  • Ray Ban glasses come with rimmed frames, due to their vintage design. The glasses are mainly designed for men, but many designs also work well as unisex sunglasses and can be worn by either men or women.

  • A classic style that Ray Ban glasses are, the front frame colours are classy and basic yet stylish to the core, which is the USP of the Ray Ban brand. The colours include tones like Black, Brown and Gold.

  • Ray Ban is one of the world’s favourite sunglasses brand and has been on the top for decades. The glasses by Ray Ban are priced at a higher range and are a value for money as well. Titan Eyeplus has a collection of Ray Ban glasses that falls in a price category between Rs. 7,000 and goes as high as Rs. 10,000.

  • The colour of the lens is another striking feature of Ray Ban glasses. Titan Eyeplus showcases many variants of lens colours including Antique Gold, Blue Gradient, Blue Mirror, Brown Gradient, Brown Pink Gradient, Gold Mirror, Gradient Blue Mirror, Green Mirror, Light Grey, Brown and Green. The brand offers the most updated lens technology available which includes UV protected lenses and polarized lenses as well.

  • Aviator - Pilots and Wraparound patterns are the shape of frames available on Titan Eyeplus as a part of the Ray Ban glasses collection. Ray Ban Aviators have ruled the eyewear market for decades and still continues to do so among men and women both.

Ray Ban-The Eyewear Brand

The iconic American brand, Ray Ban was born out of a necessity for the Air Force pilots, which later turned into a rage and is one till date. American pilots were required to fly high and the strong glare was creating a hindrance in their flights, and that’s where the creation of the Ray Ban sunglasses came into being. Born in 1937, Ray Ban was popular for its anti-glare sunglasses, known as aviators which were originally made of a plastic frame and was changed into a metallic frame later. ‘Ray Ban’ literally means anti-glare, hence its functionality.

The brand is enlisted among the top-most in the optical world and is hot-sellers till date. Aviators being its classic style, Ray Ban sunglasses were also launched in other styles such as Wayfarers and sporty.

Explore the stunning collection of Ray Ban sunglasses available online on Titan Eyeplus!

Rayban Collection Price List

Rayban Collection Price
Black Aviator Rayban Men Sunglasses-RB3025I-0023F Rs. 7490
Black Aviator Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-RB3025-0024J Rs. 10090
Black Aviator Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-RB3025-1671M Rs. 9490
Black Aviator Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-RB3025I-00253F Rs. 7490
Brown Clubmaster Rayban Men Sunglasses-RB3016-11594E49 Rs. 8190
Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Rayban-RB63-24I25-0954 Rs. 4690
Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Rayban-RB63-25I25-0353 Rs. 4690
Black Wayfarer Rayban Unisex Sunglasses-RB4147-601-3260 Rs. 8890
Grey Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses from Rayban-RX6303I250253 Rs. 4390
Grey Rectangle Rimless Eyeglasses from Rayban-RX6303I250953 Rs. 4390

Data last updated on 2020-09-21

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