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Half Rim Glasses Online

If you are looking for the perfect solution for stress-free vision correction, semi rimmed eyeglasses should be your choice. They have a solid and bold frame on the top with no frame or just a transparent fiber towards the bottom. This reduces the weight of the frame by a fair margin. For staying productive at work, you need a comfortable pair of eyeglasses, like semi rimmed spectacles, which do not cause any kind of strain. The designs available are no more of a basic rectangular shape like it used to be before. You can get semi rimmed frames online in different styles, like, square, clubmaster, navigator, aviator, etc.

At Titan Eye+, we have a complete range of enticing stylish half rimmed spectacles from top international brands. For experiencing fashion and comfort at the same time, you should undoubtedly try these eyeglasses.

Top Brands for Half Rim Glasses

  1. Ray Ban

Ray Ban keeps launching stylish eyeglasses one after the other. Famous from the past times for their impeccable quality, you can buy a classy pair of Ray Ban half rimmed optical frames to experience the best.

  1. Emporio Armani

It is one of the Italian luxury brands for high-end accessories. They offer an edgy and stylish pair of eyeglasses, like semi-rimmed frames and more. They have a youthful tone and a distinct flavor in their eyeglasses.

  1. Titan

Though they have not been in the eyeglasses industry for a very long time, they have gained popularity in no time. Titan provides a wide variety of semi rimmed eyeglasses of all price ranges from which you can choose a suitable frame for yourself.

  1. Oakley

Oakley is one of the leading eyewear brands in the world. They are known for their state-of-the-art technology and innovative designs of different eyeglasses apart from many other things.

  1. Vogue

As vogue itself means, the prevailing fashion trend, they provide the most stylish and trending eyeglasses. They have a comprehensive range of semi-rimmed eyeglasses in different geometric shapes and sleek styles.

Titan Eye+ provides you with all types of lenses, from basic ones to progressive lenses. You can comfortably buy a pair of semi rimmed prescription glasses online from our website with just a few clicks.


  1. For a professional look, should I go for rimless or semi-rimmed glasses?

For carrying a professional look, usually, semi-rimmed eyeglasses are preferred by people. But, you can carry any of them according to your style preference.

  1. If I have a budget of Rs. 4000-6000, which brand eyeglasses should I choose?

You can consider buying eyeglasses from Titan, Ray Ban, and Oakley for the budget mentioned above.

  1. Can I get progressive lenses fitted in semi-rimmed frames?

Yes, you can get progressive lenses in the semi-rimmed frames of your choice.

  1. Do I need to be extra-cautious with semi-rimmed frames?

You need to be a bit more cautious while wearing semi-rimmed frames when compared to fully rimmed frames. But, otherwise, they are comfortable and super light in weight for all-day wear.

  1. Where can I get a complete range of half rim glasses online?

You can find a wide range of half rim glasses on the Titan Eye+ website. You can browse through different designs and types of eyeglasses from various brands.

  1. Can I get cat-eye shape in semi rimmed frames?

Yes, you can easily get cat-eye shaped semi rimmed frames on the Titan Eye+ website. You can find these frames from various brands.

  1. If I have a typical round face, which eyeglasses should I consider?

For a round-shaped face, you should always go for an edgy eye frame to balance your soft facial features.

  1. Does Titan Eye+ provide a virtual try-on for all eyeglasses?

No, we do not provide a virtual try-on for all eyeglasses. But, you can get them exchanged within seven days from your purchase date if they don’t fit you perfectly.

  1. Can I get a pair of half rimmed wraparound style eyeglasses?

Yes, we do have a range of semi-rimmed wraparound eyeglasses, which give a snug-fit and are very comfortable.

  1. For all-day wear, which eyeglasses are best to buy?

For wearing eyeglasses for the whole day, you should buy a lightweight eye frame like a semi rimmed frame, which does not cause any additional strain.

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