Rectangle Eyeglasses

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Rectangle Eyeglasses

Rectangle Eyeglasses
are the most eternal and timeless eyeglasses in the history of spectacle frames. Today, they are the most versatile eyeglasses and one of the most sturdy and durable frames available in the market. You can never go wrong with rectangular glasses as they instantly add an edge to your look - effortlessly. Rectangular glasses with their sleek composition of acute angles and structured contours add a dash of confidence to your look.

Today, eyeglasses are not a mere necessity anymore. Even people with perfect vision opt for glasses to enhance their looks. Eyeglasses have become a fashion accessory. Ever since they have gained popularity, rectangular eye frames have always been in style. You can pair these timeless frames with any outfit for any occasion. Be it an everyday work look, a fun outing with friends or even a date!

Fashionable for both men and women, this eternal style has only evolved through the years, and today rectangle glasses are available in different variants to suit your look.

Types of Rectangle Glasses

Metal Body Rectangular Glasses

Sturdy frames that are durable, sleek, and comfortable. If you want a stylish evergreen frame that will stay with you for a long time, go with metal body rectangle eyeglasses frames.

Plastics Body Rectangular Spectacles

If you’re looking for a sleek, subtle frame, the plastic rectangular eye frames are the ones for you. Available in different colours and designs, these frames are for everyone.

Rimless Rectangular Glasses

Not a fan of heavy bold glasses? Let go of all your worries because rimless rectangular glasses are specially designed for you. Lightweight, these almost invisible glasses are delicate and sophisticated. Get that young and elite look the moment you put them on.

Half Rimmed Semi-Rimless Rectangular Eyeglasses

Make a bold statement with maximum comfort. Lightweight and sturdy semi-rimless rectangular eye frames are a perfect blend of comfort and fashion. Find your true sense of style with these rectangular glasses.

Full Rim Rectangular Eye Frames

Very bold and subtle at the same time, these full-rim rectangular glasses add more sharpness to your face by accentuating your facial features to stand out. An all-time favourite, these frames are unique in their aesthetics.

Ideal Face Shapes for Rectangle Glasses

Rectangular glasses are for everyone. You can always try them to experiment regardless of the shape of your face. Find your fashion by trying out different shapes and sizes of glasses.

Rectangle eyeglasses are ideal for people with a round face. The rectangular frame edges add more sharpness to the round features, making your face look longer and thinner. Rectangle frame glasses help you achieve a more angular appeal as compared to other shapes.

An oval face shape is also very versatile, known to be the most proportionate face shape. A rectangular eyeglass frame would be great. Easy to style and maintain, these classic and evergreen rectangle frames never go out of style. So, go ahead get yourself the perfect pair now!


  1. Are rectangle eyeglasses available at Titan Eye+?

Yes, at Titan Eye+, we offer an inclusive range of Rectangle Glasses in different shapes and colour. Using the virtual try-on option, you can try the frame and choose the best one according to your style statement.

  1. Which brand offers the best stylish rectangular eye frames?

Some of the best international brands that offer the best rectangular eye frames are- Ray-Ban, Oakley, Titan and Fastrack.

  1. How to choose the right size of rectangular spectacles?

At Titan Eye+, we offer you a style guide that will enable you to choose the ideal size of rectangular eye frames. According to your measurements, you can opt for small, medium, or large-sized glasses.

  1. Are rectangular spectacles available for all age groups?

Yes, they are available for a person of any age group.

  1. Can I purchase rectangle spectacles online?

Yes, you can shop for rectangle spectacles online and choose from top international brands at Titan Eye+.

  1. Is the virtual try-on option helpful?

Well, the virtual try-on option is of great assistance for online customers, as it analyses the shape of your face and other aspects to picking the best frame for you.

  1. What is the starting price of rectangular frames?

At Titan Eye+, you can shop for the rectangular frames starting at a base price of INR 3,000.

  1. Are rectangular frames in fashion?

Rectangular frames are evergreen; thus, you can always go for them.

  1. How can I find the nearest Titan Eye+ store?

You need to type your pin or state to find the nearest store on the store locator feature on the Titan Eye+ website.

  1. Are promo codes applicable to other offers?

No, you cannot use the promo codes with other offers unless mentioned.

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