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Return of the Round Glasses for Men

The origins of round glasses for men are a little foggy, but its history is somewhat intertwined with the history of glasses itself. Round glasses for men have sort of been around since the 13th Century and were worn by notable clergymen.

Over centuries, sunglasses have cemented their place in pop culture history, time and again. The hippy movement of the 1960s embraced this style as the unofficial frame of their peace-loving movement, whether it was a homage to the intellectual heroes who had worn them decades before, or because they could be picked up dirt-cheap second-hand. Round glasses for men had established their position in pop culture history as sunglasses and spectacles, having been inscribed into the stylistic history books as part of cultural revolutions. This classic style can still conjure up an image of refined, studious authority, making it the perfect choice for visionaries and thinkers like John Lennon, Steve Jobs and even everyones favourite, Harry Potter. The world clearly loves round glasses for men and that is why we design them, especially for you.

Picking the Right Round Glasses for Men

Before you go ahead and pick out a pair of our round glasses for men, you should think about the aspects involved in purchasing round prescription or non-prescription glasses to avoid buyer's remorse. The shape of your face is one such factor. The following are examples of common face shapes:

Square-shaped Face

Square faces are as long, as they are wide with a prominent jawline. If you think that is what your face looks like, we suggest opting for fitted round glasses that would help soften the angles of your face. If you wish to make your face look more rounded, opt for oversized round glasses for men.

Round-shaped Face

Naturally, round faces, like square faces, are also as long, as they are wide, but with a more curved jaw. Wearing a round pair of glasses would your face look rounder. We suggest opting for round frames for men that are a little more angular.

Oval Shaped Face

People with oval shaped faces have the most ideal face shapes. If you have an oval face, you can wear whatever type of frame you want, even round glasses. We suggest picking out thick round frames for men to enhance your faces shape.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If your face is more angular, especially towards the chin and cheekbones, chances are that you have a diamond-shaped face. You can even jazz up this look with a pair of perfectly round glasses that are either fitted or oversized, making your face appear less geometrical.

Heart-Shaped Face

Faces that are heart-shaped feature a broader forehead and narrower chin. If this describes your face, you can wear most frame styles, though round glasses for men can minimize the width of the top part of your face. We recommend that you avoid oversized round frames and opt for a more fitted piece. In the end, you want your glasses to look good on you. Identifying your face shape is a fantastic starting step in determining which styles work for you and which don't.

FAQs on Round Glasses for Men

Are round glasses still in style?

Yes, round glasses for men have been around for centuries. They have been continuously popularized by pop culture icons like John Lennon, Ozzy Osbourne, Johnny Depp, and Harry Potter. So, whatever your aesthetic is, you cannot go wrong with a pair of round glasses for men.

Can I pull off round glasses?

Round glasses look good on everyone. All you need to do is buy a frame that is flattering for your face shape, style it with your favourite pair of jeans or suit, and you are good to go. Just browse through our round glasses for men and pick your favourite.

What can I pair my round glasses with?

Round frames for men are an extremely versatile option for eyewear. The beauty of round glasses is that they go with just about anything. Wearing a pair of circular frames with something simple and clean, such as denim and a t-shirt, may really set you apart. You can also dress them up and wear them with a well-tailored formal suit.

Are oversized glasses still in style?

Yes, oversized glasses are still very much in style. You can always spot both male and female celebrities and influencers sporting a pair of oversized sunglasses or prescription glasses.

Can guys wear round glasses?

Round glasses for men are an excellent choice. You can add a trendy and sophisticated touch to any outfit by adding a pair of round frames.

Would round glasses look good on a round face?

Round frames are likely to make your face look rounder. If that is the look you are going for, we are sure you can find a flattering pair of round frames for men in our extensive collection.

How do I check if the glasses look good on me?

If you are sceptical about buying round glass frames online, we suggest you locate a store near you and pay us a visit to check out our collection in person. However, if that does not seem like a possible option, you can always put in a return request within 7 days of purchase.

How can I identify my face shape?

To identify your face shape, try to identify which part of your face is the widest. If you have a wider forehead, then you probably have an oval face. If your cheekbones are the widest point, your face is either heart-shaped or round and if it seems proportional, it’s probably a square shape.

What colour glasses should I buy?

To achieve an understated look, we suggest picking out frames that match the neutral tones of your eyes, such as brown, beige, or black. However, if you want to channel a fun, statement-making look, pick a colour that is contrasting but complementary to your eye colour.

What colour frames suit brown eyes best?

Brown eyes contrast best with colours from the green and purple families. So, for a more distinguished and contrasting look, try glasses in fun shades like lavender or emerald.

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