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Stylish Fastrack Eyeglasses

Gone are the days when eyeglasses were all plain-Jane in look and appeal. Cut to the present, and you can find glasses in all kinds of designs and styles. It also makes sense as eyeglasses become a part of an individual’s personality, and that is why, their design and look should lend an enhancing touch. While there are several brands in the eyeglasses category, but if you are looking for a refreshingly stylish pair, then Fastrack is the brand to explore! Their range of eyeglasses includes distinctive pairs, all of which can help freshen up your bespectacled look.   

Benefits of Fastrack Eyeglasses

What makes Fastrack eyeglasses so popular is that they offer stylish frames in a range of colour combinations, dimensions, and designs. Further, they also provide you with the option to choose technologically advanced lenses, such as UV protection or polarized glasses. Their sturdy frames are not only durable but also provide you with a comfortable fit while making sure that you can always carry your cool and confident vibes everywhere you go.

Range of Fastrack Frames

Be it Fastrack eyeglasses in wayfarer style, or that in aviator, round, square or any other shape, you can find a variety of exciting options. They can help you create the type of look that you want effortlessly. From rimmed frames to semi-rimmed and even rimless styles, the brand’s eclectic mix for each type of spectacles will spoil you for choice. Explore their range, and you would like to try a different style each time.

Types of Fastrack Eyeglasses

  • Rimmed Eyeglasses

Fastrack glasses in rimmed look come in stylish bodied frames, that too in a range of vibrant colour combinations. Pick an exuberant pair and leave a mark!

  • Rimless Eyeglasses

Lightweight and sombre, rimless eyeglasses get interesting twists and touches under Fastrack. You get options that can add a minimalistic yet distinctive look to your face.

  • Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses

Emphasize the upper portion of your eyes with semi-rimmed Fastrack eyeglasses that come in a wide variety of dimensions. Create a sophisticated look and get compliments.

  • Aviator Eyeglasses

Aviator eyeglasses are one of the most sought-after styles that carry a classy appeal. Manage a bold look every day with Fastrack’s iconic aviator eyeglasses.

  • Rectangular Eyeglasses

Fastrack eyeglasses for men and women in rectangular shape are available with unique angular twists. You may choose oversized ones that are trending nowadays to ace the bespectacled look!  

  • Clubmaster Eyeglasses

The clubmaster style should be your choice if you wish to make a solid style statement even in glasses! They go well with both casual and work attire.

  • Wayfarer Eyeglasses

The wayfarer eyeglasses make for a smart choice as they carry a unique vibe. Fastrack’s range in such a style shall enable you to pick and flaunt a pair you’ll love all the way.

  • Round Eyeglasses

Bring out your creative and expressive side with a quirky pair of round eyeglasses. Create a personal image by choosing a distinctive design from the Fastrack stable.

  • Oval Eyeglasses

Get a new well-defined look with oval eyeglasses that are an ideal choice for looking fashionable in a simple and subtle way and to your workplace.

  • Cat-Eye Glasses

Fastrack eyeglasses for women in cat-eye style spell class and are a perfect choice for getting a dramatic look. The brand also offers excellent options for men to experiment with this style!

  • Square Eyeglasses

Make a bold fashion statement with a square-shaped frame that comes with angular twists. Choose a metallic frame or one in acetate look, it will look stylish in every way.

FAQs on Fastrack Eyeglasses

  1. Are Fastrack glasses better than Ray-Ban?

You cannot compare Fastrack and Ray-Ban glasses with each other as both offer superior quality products that are stylish as well as durable. However, Fastrack caters more to young people and Ray-Ban appeals to the masses.

  1. Are Fastrack Sunglasses Good?

Yes, Fastrack sunglasses are good as they come in a variety of refreshing designs and are also durable and comfortable to wear for extended use.

  1. What Fastrack glasses are in style for 2020?

Fastrack eyeglasses that are in style in 2020 include oversized wayfarers, round, and square-shaped frames.

  1. How do you know if Fastrack sunglasses are real?

You can check if your Fastrack glasses are real or not by firstly looking for the brand logo which is often etched into the right lens. The logo should be easily identifiable and clear. Further, check the nose buds as the authentic glasses mention the nose frame dimensions on the same. If both the logo and nose frame dimensions are there, then your Fastrack frame is real.

  1. Which is better, Fastrack or Titan?

Both Titan, as well as Fastrack as brands, are good because they provide quality products in a reasonable price range. The primary difference between the brands is that while Fastrack targets mainly the young section of the population, Titan focuses a little more on the grown-ups.

  1. Which are better— bifocal or progressive lenses?

Progressive lenses are better as they help you see at three distances, unlike bifocals that carry two prescriptions. Further, progressive glasses do not have any visible lines and look like regular spectacles, while bifocals have tell-tale lines that make them a little less visually appealing.

  1. How long do eyeglass lenses last?

Eyeglass lenses usually last between one to three years. However, it also depends on factors like how sturdy your lenses and frame are, whether you have a scratch-resistant coating or not, and if there are any changes in your eye prescription.

  1. Is Fastrack a good brand?

Yes, Fastrack is a good brand as it is well-known for offering sunglasses and eyeglasses that are not just stylish and trendy in design, but also durable. Their products mainly cater to the choices of young people. 

  1. Is Fastrack a Tata product?

Fastrack is a well-known Indian fashion accessory retail brand in India. It was launched in the year 1998 as a sub-brand of Titan Watches. However, later, Fastrack began operating as a standalone company and opened retail stores throughout the country. However, yes, it is a part of the Tata Group. 

  1. Should glasses touch eyebrows? 

No, ideally the glasses should not touch the eyebrows. Instead, the top of the eyeglasses frame should follow the line of the eyebrows. The best way is to avoid having too much brow above or below the frame. However, in the case of sunglasses, you should always cover your eyebrows. 

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