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Cat Eye Glasses

Eyeglasses are an important accessory that can amp up your whole style game. Cat Eye Glasses stood the test of time, and they are nearly a century old. Cat Eye Shape Glasses were created in the 1930s. However, it was during the 1960s that the cat eye frames became a huge trend for sunglasses when Audrey Hepburn wore them in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Due to their refined and beautiful shape, cat eye shape glasses became an instant hit amongst the top fashion influencers. The upturned edges of these vintage frames added an instant aura of playful charm.

With the advancement in technology, getting a pair of cat eye glasses became easier where one could try and buy them online or find them easily across the globe.

Explore Cat Eyes Glasses for Women and Men

Finding the perfect pair of cat eye glasses is quite a task when there are thousands of options to choose from. Perfectly chosen eyeglasses help in completing your overall look. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while picking one.

Enhance your style with the popular vintage style designer cat eye frames. At Titan Eye+, we offer an extensive range of cat eye frames online. You can conveniently browse through the latest cat eye frames for women and men to find your next pair of favorite frames.

Benefit of Cat Eye Glasses

People are always looking for different ways to improve their style; listed below are the benefits of cat eye glasses:

  1. Face Uplift

Cat eye glasses help in uplifting your face. Once famous in the 1950s and the 60s, these prescription glasses are getting back in fashion. Cat eye shape glasses are also suitable for individuals who want to turn all the attention to their beautiful eyes. These eyeglasses will enhance the best features on your face. It will help in creating a look that you are ideally looking for.

  1. Great Choice for Round Faces

Cat eye glasses are an ideal choice for people with a round-shaped face. The frame has strong angles; the upper portion is spread up and out; hence, creating a design with sharp angles. People who lack this angularity can enjoy wearing cat eye frames.

Explore the Range of Popular Brands for Cat Eye Glasses

You purchase eye glasses not only based on your vision requirements, but it also defines your personality. Cat eye frames are available in a range of trendy and stylish frames specially crafted for your precious eyes.

Titan Eye+ is here to cater to every fashion lover’s wants. You can purchase designer cat eye glasses frames from the comfort of your home. To make it a more memorable experience, we provide a virtual try-on option so that you can make sure the frame suits your face type.

So, what’s stopping you? View cat eye glasses price online and start looking for the best options!


  1. Can I purchase cat eye glasses online?

Yes, Titan Eye+ offers an extensive range of cat eye glasses in different frames and styles. You can buy a pair of cat eye glasses starting from INR600.

  1. What makes Cat eye frames popular?

Cat eye frames have become an inseparable part of women’s fashion. The glasses were first seen in the Hollywood movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” Some of the notable Hollywood stars who used cat eye glasses were Mary Whitehouse, Marilyn Monroe, and Barbara Windsor. The frames add class and glamour.

  1. In case I am not satisfied with my product, what are your return and exchange policies?

Don’t worry! Titan Eye+ has an exchange policy that is valid within seven days from the date of delivery. Within seven days from the date of delivery, a pickup can be arranged by contacting us. After the pickup, the amount paid will be refunded back as an online credit in your wallet and that you can use in your next purchase.

  1. Will the cat eye frames suit my face?

The shape of the face is an important factor to consider when buying eyeglasses. You can try our Virtual Try-On option and opt for a pair of frames that suit your face shape.

  1. What makes Titan Eye+ the best?

Titan Eye+ provides excellent quality and thousands of stylish and designer frames. With a stable reputation in the market, the brand provides transparency in pricing and hassle-free online orders and delivery.

  1. How can I check my order?

Your orders can be easily found in my order section on your account page. You can also seek help from customer support via call or chat. You will be updated on your registered number with the tracking details of your order once it has been dispatched.

  1. What are the different styles of cat eye glasses available?

Cat eye glasses are available in rimmed, rimless, and semi-rimmed style.

  1. How can I check the cat eye glasses price?

You can easily check the price of the frames on our website. The prices have been mentioned against the model.

  1. Can promo codes be used with ongoing festive offers?

No, you cannot use promo codes with ongoing festive offers unless mentioned. Expiry promo codes cannot be accepted.

  1. Within how many days can I get my eyeglasses?

The delivery of your order usually takes between 3 to 5 working days.

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