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Protect and Style Yourself with Blue Ray Glasses

Blue ray glasses can make your life easier. Before you ask us how, picture this: You have been working on your computer all day long, and during your commute back home your eyes begin to hurt. You also experience a headache. It also feels very uncomfortable, right? Sounds familiar?

We spend so much time glued to our screens all day that we forget to protect one of the most vital organs of our body: our eyes. Sure, we exercise and follow a careful diet to keep our body fit and healthy. But time and again, we often tend to overlook our eyes and we simply take them for granted. But you know what? You don't even need to expend any extra effort to keep your eyes healthy. There's a straightforward fix for this: blue ray glasses.

At Titan Eyeplus, we provide you with blue ray protection glasses in different shapes, colours, and designs. Visit the website to check out the one that will suit your style the most. After all, you can protect your eyes and still look cool and stylish simultaneously, isn't it?

Stunning Blue Ray Glasses for Your Own Safety

You are already familiar with the eye pain and the headache that comes after a long day of working at your computer. It feels uneasy and we know it. So, you too must know that the blue light can cause damaging consequences. They have been known to cause eye strains, along with dry and irritated eyes after prolonged use of your phone/laptop. In addition to this, they also cause the vision to become blurry. Studies have observed that blue light speeds up the process of macular degeneration, a disease that generally happens to people over the age of 50. Their eyes lose the ability to focus clearly. They might be able to see things on just the borders of their vision, but for the centre, it often lays unclear.

Repeated exposure to blue light can do this to you. Now, this is even more dangerous for the kids. Their eyes do not interact with blue light the way it does with adults’. So, they are prone to more damage. All these problems do look terrifying, but again, as we said before, they all have a very easy fix: blue ray blocker glasses.

If you are working on a demanding project that requires you to stare at your screen for hours, put on your blue ray glasses. If you are chatting with your new romantic partner in the dark hidden under your blanket, remember to put on your anti blue ray glasses. If your kid is playing his favourite game too much on the tablet or watching cartoons for hours, get blue ray glasses for them. If you are someone who doesn't require glasses, we would still recommend you wear blue ray glasses during screen time.

Now, you might think that it is easy to avoid digital devices instead but that’s not true. Since you don't have that luxury, it is rather easy to instead opt for blue ray glasses. It will help you while you scroll through your phone or work on laptop. It's a very small step. It would barely require any extra effort on your part. What's more? This precautionary step will take care of your eyes in the long run. So don't be negligent. Buy yourself nice and stylish blue ray protection glasses.

Add a Fashionable Touch to Your Personality with Anti Blue Ray Glasses

If you want to make a bold fashion statement, you cannot ignore what you wear on your face. After all, it is a very prominent aspect of your personality. And now that you are already convinced to protect your eyes with the blue ray glasses, you must choose one that suits your face and style. Here, at Titan Eyeplus, you will find different blue ray blocking glasses, each one well-tailored for a unique look. 

If you want something out of the ordinary, you can go for the cat-eye shaped blue ray glasses. There are different colours available as well for that shape. If you want to give yourself an attractive nerdy look, you can go for the rimmed blue ray glasses or the square blue ray glasses. You can go for oval or rectangle-shaped blue ray blocking glasses if you want to go for a simple yet elegant look. Titan Eyeplus understands that protection is essential, but it does not have to be bland and boring. So, check out the attractive and extensive range of blue ray glasses at Titan Eyeplus.


Should I buy blue ray glasses if I don't need glasses otherwise?

Yes, we highly suggest you do. Given how destructive blue light can be, you should buy yourself blue ray glasses that have zero power. 

Do kids require blue ray glasses?

Kids have eyes that are different from adults. Their eyes are not well equipped to reduce the blue light that falls on them. They need more protection. So yes. Do buy blue ray glasses for your children. 

How do I find the blue ray glasses that are right for me?

Titan Eyeplus knows how sensitive our eyes can be. They make their blue ray glasses with utmost care and attention. You can browse through the options on the Titan Eyeplus website. Irrespective of what you choose, you can be assured of a quality product.

Are blue ray glasses vital?

We are constantly glued to our screens all day long. Our screens emit this blue light that can be lethal for us. Now it's just a simple precautionary step, but you will be thankful that you made it.

Do these blue ray glasses come in blue?

Yes. You can choose the colour of the glass frames. If you were confused about the name, then be assured that it is such because these glasses deal with the blue light radiation from our screens. 

Are the Titan Eyeplus blue ray glasses expensive? 

Blue ray glasses are a long-term investment. It would be best if you didn't worry about the prices. However, we have blue ray glasses available starting from INR 999. Do check them out. 

How many different Titan Eyeplus blue ray glasses are available?

There are a lot of fashionable options available for you. You can check the Titan Eyeplus website.

Am I allowed to return my blue ray glasses if I change my mind later? 

We offer a period of 7 days from the purchase date during which you can return your glasses. But you must ensure a well-kept condition. 

Are these blue ray glasses meant for only one gender?

Not at all. This is for everyone.

Is there a warranty that comes with these blue ray blocking glasses?

A 6-month warranty will be provided to you to protect you from any manufacturing defect in the product.

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