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Fashionable Blue Light Filter Glasses for Your Comfort and Style


You are reading this on a screen, either on a mobile screen or on your laptop. There is a chance that you might have looked at your laptop for something before in the day. There is a chance that you might look at it again later after reading this. If not your laptop, then you might be spending your time looking at your phone or TV.

Irrespective of the device, you would be spending a lot of time looking at screens. Unbeknown to you, you would be exposing yourself to blue light that is detrimental to your eyesight and causes long term damage. This is where blue light filter glasses can play a role in preventing your eyes from being harmed.

These blue light filter glasses reduce the amount of blue light interacting with your eyes when you look at the screen. In doing so, they make your reading/viewing experience much more relaxing and comfortable.

What’s more? If chosen with care, these blue light specs can add a fashionable appeal to your persona. Picture that: You get protection, and you get to flaunt your style as well.

So, what’s stopping you? Pick the right blue light filter glasses from a rich collection by Titan Eyeplus.

Why Do You Need Blue Light Filter Glasses?

Blue light exists all around us. It is part of the light we receive from the sun. However, in today’s age, where we are constantly sitting before virtual screens, we end up subjecting ourselves to an excessive amount of blue light. Every time, you pick up your phone to look at that new text, switch through the channels on the TV, or just read something on your laptop, you are exposing yourself to that blue light. It is important to note that too much exposure can cause the following problems -

Eye Strains

You might have experienced this after a long day of working on your laptop. Your eye muscles ache and you feel like you want to close your eyelids and rest them for a while. But if your work requires you to remain before the screen, you can always opt for special blue filter glasses to get a comfortable reading experience.


We do not need to tell you about this because we know you have already experienced this after you have spent so much time sitting before your laptop. Maybe your new partner is keeping you awake and texting late into the night is giving you headaches. To make sure you feel comfortable and do not hurt your eye, you must invest in blue light protection specs.

Excessive Cortisol Release

If you are unfamiliar with what cortisol is, it would help you to know it is ‘the stress hormone.’ Yes, there is something as bad as a stress hormone. However, the solution to this is simple: a blue blocking glasses.

Disturbance in Sleep Cycle

This is one of the prominent results of being exposed to a lot of blue light. If not taken proper care of, it can disrupt the rhythm of your life. So, you see, blue light filter glasses are important. You cannot exactly stay away from your devices and screens. So, must get hold of these glasses that filter out blue light whether you are at work or out there in the sun. But who says protection can’t be fashionable?

Explore Blue Filter Glasses in Different Designs

Titan Eyeplus offers a rich collection of blue light protection glasses for everyone. It does not matter if you are an enthusiastic gamer, a workaholic, or just someone texting their beloved late at night, there are blue light filter glasses for everyone. If you do not wear glasses at all, there are zero power blue light filter glasses for you. We do understand the impossibility of staying away from our screens.

And because of that, we have blue filter glasses in different shapes, designs, and colours. There are oval, rectangular, round, and cat-eye blue light filter glasses. What’s more? All of them are available in assorted colours. Blue, black, grey, and crystal. Pick one that suits your face.

FAQs On Blue Light Filter Glasses

Are blue light filter glasses only for those who wear glasses?

No. There are zero power blue light specs even for those who do not require glasses. You can put them while working on your laptop or watching a TV.

Where can I get the right blue light specs?

You can check the Titan Eyeplus website where you can find a variety of blue filter glasses. You just have to look for the one that appeals to your own sense of style and suits your comfort.

Can kids also wear these blue light protection glasses?

Yes. We would recommend you buy blue light protection glasses for your kids. Children these days spend a lot of time looking at screens. They need it.

What will happen if I do not wear blue light filter glasses?

It would be harmful to your eyes as you would be exposing yourself to an excessive amount of blue light, causing eye strain and headaches. In addition to this, it will also lead to an increase in the level of stress hormone and will disturb your sleep cycle.

Are blue filter glasses blue?

The blue light filter glasses derive their name from the blue light which is naturally available in the environment. These glasses prevent your eyes from the harm that blue light cause. The blue filter glasses are available in blue colour, along with other colours such as black, grey, purple, and even crystal. You browse the Titan Eyeplus website and choose the colour of your blue light blocking glasses.

What is the lowest price of blue light protection glasses at Titan Eyeplus?

You can check out the prices of the blue light filter glasses on the Titan Eyeplus website by setting up the desired filters.

What are some design styles that Titan Eyeplus offers in its blue light filter glasses collection?

We have a lot of variety in this collection. You can buy round, rectangle, oval, or cat-eye blue light filter glasses.

If I do not like the blue light filter glasses that I bought, can I return them?

Yes. You can return the blue light filter glasses within the first 7 days of their purchase. You just must keep them in a good condition.

Are these blue light filter glasses just for men?

These blue light filter glasses are unisex. A person of any gender can buy them.

Do I receive any kind of warranty for the blue light filter glasses I purchase?

Yes. You will get a 6-month warranty for your blue light filter glasses in case of manufacturing defects.

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