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Stay Fashion-Forward by Keeping Up with Eyewear Trends 2020

Stay Fashion-Forward by Keeping Up with Eyewear Trends 2020

Every year brings with it a new set of trends- some crazy, others exciting and a few even bizarre. However, if you wish to stay fashion-forward, then you have got to remain up-to-date with the current trends. It holds not just for clothing and hairstyles, but also eyewear in today’s time. From classic to runway trends, the eyewear category too witnesses exciting shifts, which means you get a chance to experiment with new styles in frames and lenses.

You set out to find the best eyeglasses brands in India when planning to purchase a new pair of glasses, so that you can get the trendiest options. What can help you make the right choice at such a time is some knowledge about the current eyewear trends. It will enable you to buy the best possible eyewear for yourself.

So, to help you stay up-to-date, here we have picked the top 4 trends in eyewear for the year 2020:

Subtle Tints in Translucent Frames

Green Crystal Round Rimmed Eyeglasses From Fastrack

Last year, it was about keeping it bold and loud with bright coloured frames. However, this year eyewear fashion is slowly gravitating towards translucent frames in light and pastel shades. You will find a range of crystal shades in colours such as rose, grey, greens and browns. Such translucent frames attract the right amount of attention towards your eyes while giving expression to your refined style choices. While some frames have a single colour, you will also find a few others that come in a combination of two shades.

The best thing about owning a translucent pair of glasses is that they add a poised and neutral touch to the overall look and will mostly team up well with any outfits.

Go Thin or Bold with Combination Material Frames

2019 saw the trend of combination frames making its way into the market. They were a combination of acetate front coupled with titanium temples and became a favourite with many. However, the overall size of the frame was neither too thick nor too sleek. This year, medium-sized frames are out, and it’s going to be all about sleek or thick frames. Thick frames will see a range of textures and details, while the sleek ones will come in stylish and striking colours, so that whichever you pick, you can get your fashion statement on point. Check out the online range of best eyeglasses brands in India and see the plethora of options now available.

Experimental Frame Shapes

Black Round Rimmed Eyeglasses From Fastrack

In terms of frame shape, the style this year focuses on round and deep squares. Rectangle frames will now take a backseat, while different variations in other shapes will dominate the fashion circuit. The round-shaped lenses will also see curves and turn at different angular points, to give way to unique polygonal forms. Such frames will provide a distinctive look to the face by infusing some freshness. So, this year, experiment with the new kinds of shapes that will come in all sorts of styles ranging from aviators to wayfarers.

Lens Type

Black Round Rimmed Eyeglasses From Fastrack

The trends not only revolve around the frame but also focus on the lenses. One of the first trends will be the availability of a wide range in tinted glasses, also called the ‘lens wash.’ Such a tint will add a hint of pop to your look. However, this tint will mainly cater to the styling aspect of eyewear and not provide protection. Along with this, you can get polarized glasses to diminish glare and UV protected or blue tech glasses for shielding your eyes from harmful rays. Such lenses, as provided by best eyeglasses brands in India, come with an extra filter embedded in the lenses that will reduce strain and relax your eyes.

Get the Best Eyeglasses this 2020

The best way to remain on track is to stay updated. Now that you know the various trends in eyewear this year, make choices that will help you stay fashion-forward. Best eyeglasses brands in India, such as Fastrack, provide you with the trendiest options to ensure that you get the most stylish pair for yourself. We at Titan Eye Plus bring together a range of best brands and provide excellent after-sales services to enable you to have the most satisfying experience of buying eyeglasses this year.

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