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Lens Coating


Once you have zeroed in on the perfect frame for your face, don’t shy away from spending some thought on the lenses as well. If glass or mineral lenses were the only choices in the early days, today, there are not only many materials to choose from; but also many additional coatings on the lenses to pick from. Technology has created polycarbonates – what we know as plastic lenses – that have taken the science of optometry to the level of an art. With coatings of various kinds, you will truly be able to see the world through new eyes. These different coatings protect your lenses from all kinds of damage – scratches, smudges, water and dust to name a few – while also improving your vision. Here is what you need to know about the different kinds of coatings you need for your glasses.

Titan Lens Coating Options

Titan offers an entire range of special coatings that truly enhance your vision.

Dust, Smudge and Water Repellant: This coating has special anti-static properties that repel dust. You would have noticed how your spectacles seem to attract dust, especially when driving outdoors. Also, when you wipe the lens after washing it, lint remains stuck to it. This special dust repellant coating ensures that this does not happen. The coating also has hydrophobic properties which ensure that water droplets simply roll off the lens. Its smudge-proofing qualities reduces finger-prints forming on the lens.

Scratch-Resistant Coating: You would have noticed how the lenses of cheap glasses accumulate fine scratches. The daily wear and tear to plastic lenses can lead to this, but with the scratch-resistant coating the durability of the lens increases.

Anti-Reflective Coating: While protecting the eyes from glare, the Titan ARC improves light transmission to 99.2 per cent, which allows to see better and appears very transparent.

UV Coating: Protect your eyes from damage resulting from ultraviolet light exposure with the UV protection offered by the UV coating of Titan.

Blue Coating: Blue light from gadgets like laptops, tabs, smartphones, etc. is a part of our daily lives. Whether for work or entertainment, we cannot manage without our gadgets. To protect our eyes from the damage caused by prolonged exposure to blue rays Titan offers a protective Blue coating which filters out the bad blue light and allows good blue light to pass through.

 Hard Coats and Anti-Reflective Coating

Plastic or polycarbonate lenses have changed the world of glasses. Hard coats, as the name suggests, perform the job of hardening the lens and protecting it from scratches. Plastic or polycarbonate lenses have changed the world of glasses. Now irrespective of your power, you can wear ultra-light & ultra-thin lenses. These lenses, while being very comfortable to wear, are much softer than glass. To harden them, they are dipped in a silicone based organic coating. Not only does this ensure that your lenses are protected from scratches but also provides a uniform visual quality.

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ARC or Anti-Reflective Coating 

ARC not only improves vision and reduces eye strain, but also performs an aesthetic role. By eliminating reflections from the front and back surface of the lenses more light can pass through improving the quality of your vision. This is especially useful at night. The ARC also makes the lens appear almost invisible thus removing the barrier between you and others allowing your expressions to be more clearly visible and also ensuring you can make eye contact with the person you are speaking with.

The anti-reflective coating also ensures that more light passes through the lens creating a sharper vision. ARC causes less eye fatigue from long computer use or driving at night.

The only care recommended for ARC lenses is to ensure that you do not clean them dry to keep them safe from scratches. Always wet the lens first. Avoid harsh chemical-based lens cleaners as they may damage the anti-reflective coating. Use only the products suggested by your optician.

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