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Frame/Sunglass Size Guide

Frame/Sunglass Size Guide

Finding the right size for your frames/sunglasses can be a breeze, if you know how. We’ll show you two handy methods so you’ll always end up buying the right-sized eyewear.

Width of Lens- is the horizontal width/ diameter of the each lens (ranges from 40mm to 62mm) Width of Bridge- is the distance between the two lenses (ranges from 14mm to 24mm) Length of Temples- is the length from the screw on the face of the frame to the end/ tip of the temples (ranges from 110mm t0 150mm)

If you have a pair of frames that you’re already using, you could simply look up the measurements on the frame! Pick up a well-fitting frame and check the inside of the temples. You will find 3 numbers in the order below. There is of course a small difference in lens ranges of Small, Medium and Large, between eyeglasses and sunglasses. Refer to the chart below for a better understanding on sizes.

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Using a bank card— A simple trick is to use a credit card. Use the shorter end of the credit card (its width) to determine your frame/sunglasses size by- Aligning one edge of the width of the card with the center of your face.

  • If the card ends beyond your eye- Small frames are suitable (Lens size 49mm and below)
  • If the card ends with your eye- Medium frames are suitable (Lens size 50-53mm)
  • If the card ends before your eye- Large frames are suitable (Lens size 54mm and above)
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