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Frame Your Face

Frame Your Face

Glasses aren’t just used for correcting our vision or just another run of the mill accessory. We wear them all through the day, in every social and work situation. These days, their style factor has substantially increased; so much so that some people wear zero power eyeglasses just as a fashion accessory! Plus, many of us buy sunglasses both to look good and to protect our eyes from the sun. Since eyeglasses and sunglasses combine both utility and style, you should pick a pair that flatters your facial features.

Have you ever thought a pair of frames would look fabulous on you, but when you try them on they are nothing like what you had in mind? A simple explanation may be that they’re just the wrong frames for the shape of your face. Take a closer look in the mirror to study your features because it makes all the difference to what suits you and what doesn’t. A simple tip would be to choose frames that contrast the shape of your face. Here’s a simple guide to frame shapes and whom they are best suited for –

1. Oval

Oval face-shape is widest at the cheekbones and narrows at the forehead and chin. Most eyeglasses and sunglasses frames will suit this proportion. We recommend looking for round, rectangular or square-shaped frames depending on your personal style. Choose frames that are as wide as or a little wider than the width of your face for the best look. Men and women’s frames are sized differently. Check their measurements against your face.

2. Heart-shaped

This is characterized by soft features which are widest at the top with a narrow chin. With a top-heavy shape, bottom-heavy frames and exaggerated brow lines like the Clubmaster inspired frames, are the perfect go-to for men. A cat-eye shape is our recommendation for women. Half-rim and rimless styles are also great for both the genders.


Do you have a wide forehead and cheeks, soft features and a rounded chin? Then your round face will be well-complemented by angular- or geometric-shaped frames. Wayfarers and rectangular frames will suit both men and women. Cat-eye-shaped glasses are another option for women. Avoid round frames as they will just exaggerate the circular shape.

4. Square

A broad forehead with a strong jawline are characteristics of a square face. They have all the same proportions so to lengthen and soften these angular features, choose round, oval or pilot style frames. The latter two are particularly suited to women and will help soften your look.

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5. Oblong

These faces are longer than they are wide and look narrower and longer than most shapes. Choose frames that have wide bottoms, contrasting temples and light colours. Make sure you maintain the natural symmetry of your face while wearing glasses. Bold frames are particularly suited to men and women with an oblong-shaped face.

6. Triangle

If you have a narrow forehead and wide cheekbones that widen into a broad chin, you should try frames that are wider at the top. Accentuated or stylized brow lines and uniformed colours will also complement this shape. Think Clubmasters, Aviators and other wide frame shapes—for both men and women. Women’s frames are smaller-sized than men’s, so make sure to check the measurements.

We hope our guide has been helpful in choosing the glasses best suited to your face shape. Happy shopping at Titan Eye Plus!

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