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A Lowdown on Titan’s Progressive Lens Technologies and Their Benefits

A Lowdown on Titan’s Progressive Lens Technologies and Their Benefits

A Lowdown on Titan’s Progressive Lens Technologies and Their Benefits

Today we live in a digital world, where we spend considerable time in front of one or the other kind of screen. From laptop to iPad, phone, and television—we keep switching from one device to the other multiple times during the day. As a result of such increased exposure to these devices, our eyes suffer a great deal. That is why, it necessitates that we have eyewear options that can offer the best possible protection against eye damage as well as enable us to enjoy visual acuity.

We at Titan Eyeplus understand this common concern being faced by majority of the people nowadays and have therefore introduced new types of progressive lenses based on advanced and innovative progressive lens technologies.

Before we tell you about the different kinds of progressive lens technologies, we have used in developing advanced progressives, and what benefits they offer, let us first familiarize you with what progressive lenses are in general.

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses are an advanced type of multifocal glasses that integrate three prescriptions powers in one pair of eyeglass lenses.

They help you in viewing objects that are close-up, at an intermediate distance as well as far-off with visual acuity and comfort. It means whether you need to read something, work on a computer or look out into the distance, you can do all these without switching from reading to regular glasses.

In progressive lenses, the power changes gradually from point to point because of which they are devoid of the visible focal lines and offer more significant benefits than traditional bifocal or trifocal lenses.

The common benefits offered by progressive lenses are as follows:

1. Offer smooth transition while shifting from close up objects to distant ones.
2. Ensure that you enjoy clear vision with one single pair of glasses.
3. Look visually more appealing than bifocals and trifocals because of the absence of telltale lines.

What Was the Need to Develop Newer Progressive Lens Technologies?

With the ever-increasing role of digital devices in our day-to-day routine, there was a need to develop progressive lens designs that are more dynamic and suitable for people’s changing eye problems. That is why, we upgrade the technology to provide you with progressive lenses that can help your eyes adapt to the increased exposure, without making you compromise on your eye health or vision.

Titan Eyeplus is proud to present a new age series of 7 Neo Progressive Designs which are backed by nine innovative technologies. The various progressive lenses designs are as follows:

1. Neo Digi
2. Neo Uno
3. Neo Pro
4. Neo Space
5. Neo Binocs
6. Neo Ergo
7. Neo Signia

These progressive lenses, engineered by the most innovative progressive lens technologies, carry the following two main features:

• They are personalized to suit your specific visual needs.
• They are Digitally Optimised and ensure that you can work on multiple digital screens without straining your eyes and neck.

What are the Various Innovative Technologies We Have Used?

Variable Fitting Height and Inset

This technological innovation offers the possibility to personalize the FH (fitting height) as well as the inset according to the specific height of the frame and other variables.


• These offer the first level of personalization in progressive lenses.
• Adaptable to different types of frame.

DigiLife Technology

This progressive lens technology takes into consideration today’s visual needs and user ergonomics.


• Offers greater vertical area with 100% of the addition
• Provides a smooth transition between near and far vision
• Enables comfortable vision while reading
• Helps adapt better to different screens or distances
• Ergonomic design eliminates uncomfortable posture

CustomFit Technology

CustomFit Technology is efficient in compensating optical aberrations and corrects the difference in power between theoretical and resulting Rx by considering a lens in as-worn position. It uses this method to simulate how the lens behaves when it is placed in front of the user’s eye and what oblique astigmatism would be present in each point of the lens.
In this way, one of the main benefits of this progressive lens technology is that it helps in obtaining a personalized correction of lens power that is fully adapted to a specific wearer.


• Offers more extensive lateral visual fields
• Minimizes oblique aberrations
• Ensures more comfortable vision
• Provides a wider and more comfortable reading area
• Helps in Easier Adaptation
• Optimizes vision for every direction of gaze
• Fully adapts to every specific user

ClearMax Technology

ClearMax technology helps modify the distribution of aberrations and reduces them to the minimum within a useful area of the lens. It thereby offers exceptional optical improvements, unlike any other optimization technology available. It helps in determining the exact location of the progressive surface in relation to the eye and the edge of the frame, by knowing the frame shape and position of the pupil.


• Reduces up to 20% aberration as compared to other standard progressive lenses
• Offers unparalleled visual fields
• Minimizes swim effect
• Allows a more comfortable and ergonomic position
• Offers maximum visual acuity and comfort

Binocular Balance Technology

Binocular Balance technology is developed to address the drawbacks of having a higher level of astigmatism in the progressive lens.
This one amongst the other progressive lens technologies balances the level of astigmatism on both sides of the corridor and reduces it to the minimum. It thus improves binocular vision and provides a more significant visual field, especially in intermediate and near vision.

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• Offers maximum comfort
• Provides perfect binocular vision
• Helps in a greater perception of intermediate field
• Ensures optimal vision at all distances
• Merges lateral images better
• Improves near vision considerably

OptiThin Technology

OptiThin technology allows to make different curves during the cutting process and help in obtaining thinner lenses especially for high plus powered lenses.


• Delights consumers as lenses are thinner and better looking
• Guarantees minimum thickness
• Provides better aesthetics to the finished lens as frame shape is always centred

ErgoMax Technology

The ErgoMax technology offers the ideal or optimum ergonomic corridor, which helps in reducing eye strain significantly. It offers the user the most optimised
ergonomic design for comfortable vision.


• Offers automatic corridor selection
• Optimizes ergonomics
• Helps Adapt Easily
• Reduces muscular eye stress
• Offers new personalization level

ComfortView Technology

The gradient of astigmatism directly affects the visual acuity perceived by a user. In modern progressive lenses, the user suffers sharp changes while moving horizontally, that affects its visual perception negatively. With ComfortView Technology, the user enjoys improved visual acuity as they either eliminate or reduce changes considerably.


• Offers limitless perception
• Accelerates adaptation
• Provides excellent visual comfort

Now that you know the various progressive lens technologies and their benefits, you must discuss about the same with your optometrist. They will be able to guide you more about the benefits of progressive lens technology to help you understand better. You may also ask about the pros and cons of progressive lens technology.

So, explore our range of new and more advanced progressive lenses to enjoy even better and sharper vision.

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