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Zero Powered Computer Lens

Do you spend most of your time in front of a mobile or laptop? If the answer is yes, then we this is just the right solution! Protect your eyes from harmful digital rays. Be it binge watching your favourite sitcom or while using gadgets for long hours. Also, this helps in blocking UV light. With Zero Powered Computer Lens go easy on your eyes and reduce digital eye strain.

Single Vision

One power from edge to edge. Prescribed for near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, they’re the most common type of prescription lens. While driving, since your eyes need to focus on objects that are far OR while reading since you need a close-up view. Either or, single vision lenses are useful as they have one power.

Bifocal Lens

These lenses accommodate prescriptions for two reading zones – that help you see close-up & faraway. A distinct line in the lens indicates where the prescription changes.

The lens segment can be of two shapes,

  • D Type - Known as the half moon, is a type of lens that has a magnifying area in the lower part of the lens that resembles a letter D turned on its side, with the flat side up. This is among the easiest of multi-focal lenses to adapt to.
  • K Type - Also referred to as a round lens, the magnifying area in the lower part of the lens is a complete circle. The lens can restrict viewing up top, due to the round shape. There is less significant transition between reading and distance vision.

Progressive Lens

Why compromise, when one lens type can solve it all! For viewing things that are far, intermediate and close (near), progressive lenses can help you see objects clearly at any distance. And it comes with a 45-Day Adaptation Warranty.

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