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Unisex Eyeglasses

Fashion is all about wearing what you like and who you are. And if you are someone who does not like to confine yourself to the male or female category alone, then unisex fashion is for you. With the increasing demand for unisex apparels, even unisex eyeglasses have emerged to be one of the most trending and adorned styles.

Redefining fashion boundaries, unisex spectacles are the ultimate fashion trend this year. With the increase in the demand for stylish unisex frames, Titan Eyeplus has come up with a vast collection of unisex eyeglasses that define the true spirit of boundaryless fashion.

What are Unisex Eyeglasses?

Unisex glasses have been with us forever; it is recently when they have been considered as a fashion statement. Most people are now looking for glasses that look good on them irrespective of wearing what's for them based on their gender. Spectacle frames that are worn and preferred by both men and women are called unisex glasses.

Things to Consider When Buying Unisex Glasses

Face Shape

When picking the ideal unisex glasses, always consider your face's shape as the best way to decide. Take a look at the following categories and see which one describes your face shape the best:


Due to its balanced proportions, the oval face shape is more versatile than the rest. The only thing to keep in mind while picking frames for an oval face shape is if it will maintain the proportions of your face. Go for the unisex frames that are rectangle, square or geometric.


A round face is more comprehensive than other face shapes, with all soft curves and smooth lines. They have negligible or very minute sharp edges and lines, usually with full cheeks and rounded chin. If you are looking for unisex spectacles for this face type, go for rectangular, geometric and cateye glasses.


Broadest at the brow and gets narrower by the chin, this face shape is known for having high cheekbones. If you have this face shape, you need a frame with designer detailing on the lower portion of the frame. You can try on unisex glasses of the following shapes to rock the look: Stylish unisex frames with heavy bottoms, frames with low set temples, oval frames and delicate rimless frames.


A square face shape has more angular lines and sharp edges with equally broad cheekbones, jaw and forehead. It would be best for you to pair up with round unisex eyeglasses to soften the sharpness of your face. Avoid wide frames and go for light, curvy frames that are slightly wider than your cheekbones.

Common Types of Unisex Glasses


Evergreen and always in fashion Aviators are for both men and women. Universally stylish aviators are topping the list of trending unisex glasses since forever. Style your everyday outfits with these super versatile glasses and make heads turn effortlessly. 


Compatible with almost every face type, Wayfarers are perfect for everyone who enjoys comfortable fashion. Adopted and appreciated by both genders, they indeed are unisex glasses that are perfect for any occasion and outfit.

Round Glasses

Round glasses, just like the aviators, have always been trending! Men and women both love to style these nerdy round unisex frames. With round unisex eyeglasses, you add extra oomph and charm to your look without even trying.

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangle unisex eyeglasses not only add an edge to your look but also, they enhance and accentuate your facial feature. These are super versatile and stylish unisex frames that have always been everyone's favourite for a very long time.


  1. Are unisex glasses available at Titan Eyeplus?

At Titan Eyeplus, we offer an inclusive range of unisex glasses in different shapes and colours. Using the virtual try-on option, you can try the frame and choose the best one according to your style statement.

  1. Which brand offers the best stylish unisex frames?

Some of the best international brands that offer the best unisex eyeglasses are- Ray-Ban, Oakley, Titan and Fastrack.

  1. How to choose the right size of unisex glasses?

At Titan Eyeplus, we offer you a style guide that will enable you to choose the ideal size of unisex glasses for your face. Opt for small, medium, or large-sized glasses as per your size.

  1. Are unisex frames available for all age groups?

Yes, unisex frames can be worn by a person of any age group.

  1. Can I purchase unisex spectacles online?

Yes, you can shop for unisex spectacles online and choose from top international brands at Titan Eyeplus.

  1. Is the virtual try-on option helpful?

Well, the virtual try-on option is of great help for online shoppers, as it meticulously analyses the shape of your face and other aspects to choosing the best frame for you.

  1. What is the starting price of unisex glasses?

At Titan Eyeplus, you can shop for unisex glasses starting at a base price of INR 3,000.

  1. Are unisex frames in fashion?

Unisex frames keep up with the latest trends. Thus you can always go for the one in trend.

  1. How can I find the nearest Titan Eyeplus store?

Use the store locator feature on the Titane Eyeplus website and type your pin or state to find a store nearest to your location.

  1. Are promo codes applicable to other offers?

You can use promo codes applicable to another offer only if it's mentioned.

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