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Eyeglasses for Men

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Choose the Latest Spectacles Frames for Men

Wearing eyeglasses every day makes it a part of your personality. Earlier bespectacled men were considered geeky, but now the stylish specs for men allow you to have fun while experimenting with different types of eyeglasses. The choice of right pair of glasses can do wonders in helping you feel confident in your bespectacled look while leaving the best possible impression wherever you go!

Best Frames for Men

Business meeting, family function, or a casual outing- you can now easily find stylish specs for men that will look good for each of these occasions. To choose the best frames for men, you should consider its colour, material, size, and style. Several brands in India such as Titan, Oakley, Fastrack and Ray Ban offer the latest spectacles frames for men that are premium in quality and trendy in appeal. Choose and buy the one that complements your face type the best and feel confident every day.

Shop for Eyeglasses for Men Online

If you want to balance fashion and functionality, then buy trendy and premium quality eyeglasses from brands online. We at Titan Eyeplus bring together a vast collection of latest eye frames for men that will not provide you with proper vision and eye protection, but will also ensure that you look stylish at the same time. Browse through our website and find the right eyeglasses to match your unique personality and lifestyle. Place the order and receive your choice of eyeglasses conveniently to your doorstep. Choose and buy the best glasses for men available and look your smartest and most confident self, every day.

Types of Men’s Eyeglasses


  • Rimmed Men Eyeglasses

Rimmed Eyeglasses come fitted with lenses entirely outlined by a plastic or metal frame. Nothing catches attention like sporting a smart bodied frame!

  • Rimless Men Eyeglasses

Rimless Eyeglasses are incredibly comfortable and lightweight. They are the perfect choice to reveal your facial features!

  • Semi-Rimmed Men Eyeglasses

Emphasize the upper portion of your eyes by wearing semi-rimmed eyeglasses. It carries a sophisticated look and will enhance your personality.

  • Aviators Men Eyeglasses

The perfect mix of style and functionality, aviator eyeglasses add a dramatic touch to any outfit. Sport this frame style to create a different look for yourself.

  • Rectangle Men Eyeglasses

Rectangular frames carry an undertone of confidence in your everyday dealings. Bring out your confident side and win people's trust by sporting the rectangular-shaped eyeglasses.

  • Wayfarer Men Eyeglasses

Wayfarer eyeglasses are a favourite with men nowadays! They have a certain appeal and will help you look confident and attractive.

  • Oval Men Eyeglasses

Oval eyeglasses are a modern version of the classic rectangular shape which carry angular bends for a dramatic look. Add a new touch to your personality with these eyeglasses.

  • Square Men Eyeglasses

Pep up your nerdy look and make people turn heads with square eyeglasses! These frames enhance your face and the overall look.

  • Clubmaster Men Eyeglasses

Clubmaster eyeglasses have angular wayfarer styling on the upper rim and rimless tapering at the bottom. They are ideal for flaunting a new look.

  • Round Men Eyeglasses

Modern-day round glasses are a combination of retro charm and contemporary class. They add an enigmatic touch to even a regular look.

  • Cat-Eye Men Eyeglasses

Cat-eye glasses are for those men who don't shy away from experimentation. Wear cat-eye frames to show your creative and fashionable side!

  • Navigator Men Eyeglasses

Navigator frames are stylish designer prescription eyeglasses. They lend you a sharp look and make you stand out with your style choice.

FAQs On Men’s Eyeglasses


  1. What Men's Eyeglasses are in Style Now?

Some of the men's eyeglasses that are in style are as follows:

  1. Retro-inspired round frames
  2. Small Triangle Shaped Sunglasses
  3. Seventies-inspired Aviators
  4. Rimless Eye Frames
  5. Tinted Sunglasses
  6. Bold Thick Rimmed Glasses
  7. Classic Black Bold Rimmed Frames


  1. What are the different face shapes?

Oval, oblong, triangular, rectangular, circular, diamond, hear-shaped are the various face shapes commonly found among people.

  1. How can men find the right glasses for their face shape?

It would help if you considered frames that have shapes that uplift your face and enhance your features. For example, round glasses will suit a squarish faced shape, and a rectangular frame will suit an oval face. The best way is to know your face shape and then choose the one that is slightly in contrast.


  1. What Do Men's Eyeglass Frames Cost?

The price of the eyewear frames depends on the brand and quality of the product. You can explore the range of glasses available with eyewear retailers like Titan Eyeplus which provide options in all price ranges.


  1. Do guys look better with glasses?

Wearing eyeglasses is a personal choice. However, stylish eyeglasses in a trendy frame style can enhance the look of any outfit.


  1. Are there limited eyewear options?

No, there is a vast collection of eyeglasses with eyewear brands like Titan Eyeplus. You can opt for rimmed, rimless or semi-rimmed frames in different shapes and designs to sport a different pair on various occasions.


  1. What men eyeglasses frames are the most popular?

Round and wayfarer eyeglasses are trending this season. They add a distinctive and quirky look to any outfit.


  1. Do men look older wearing rimmed eyeglasses?

No, rimmed eyeglasses do not make men look older. Instead, the rimmed structure adds exuberance to the facial features and makes a person look smarter. However, a lot depends on the colour and shape of the frame too.


  1. What glasses suit a fat face?

Square shaped glasses look best on a fat or round face as they add an angular look to the facial features.


  1. Should glasses cover eyebrows?

The top of the eye glass frame should follow the brow line. However, it would help if you chose a  frame that is neither too above nor below the eyebrows. Also, the eyes should sit at the centre of the spectacle frame.


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Titan Collection Price List

Titan Collection


Black Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-Y1053B1A1 Rs. 4895
Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-E1319A1A1 Rs. 1495
Gold Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T1783A1A1 Rs. 2595
Black Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T1905A1A1 Rs. 3595
Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T2261A1A1 Rs. 2895
Blue Square Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T2318A1A1 Rs. 4095
Black Gold Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T2381B1A1 Rs. 3495
Black Yellow Round Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-T2388B1A1 Rs. 3295
Gun Metal Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses from Titan-TR1188B1A1 Rs. 1995
Gold Rectangle Semi-Rimmed Eyeglasses from Stepper-FSI0378AA Rs. 9240

Data last updated on 2020-10-27

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