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Stylish Eyeglasses

Technology has brought with it the invention of many vital products, which have become an important part of our everyday lives. Eyeglasses are an essential accessory, which has been given an interesting turn to its basic styling. Simple eyeglasses slowly turned into fashionable and trendy with changing styles over the years. Power eyeglasses have become a necessity for people with eyesight issues, while plain eyeglasses are worn as fashion statements by young men and women. Eyeglasses shopping is highly influenced by personal choice along with the ongoing trends and designs in the segment. Titan Eyeplus showcases online a vast range of eyeglasses for men, women, kids and unisex.

Men and women are known to have a specific choice of eyeglasses, based on the frame shape and colour, and they are much more open to trying new styles of eyeglasses. Although comfort and quality still top the list of essentials, the design of eyeglasses are also accounted for equally. Titan Eyeplus makes sure they serve each and every customer with a unique design suitable for everyone.

  • Unisex eyeglasses are a trendy style that can be sported by men as well as women. Hence, they are patterns which are free from gender preferences, with classy or trendy designs both.

  • Why own only a single pair of eyeglasses? Change the cliché everyday eyeglasses and buy separate frames for different occasions. Titan Eyeplus has awesome frames for workwear, everyday wear and evening or sportswear. While some styles are perfect for office wear, others can be matched and paired for parties or while playing sports.

  • With more than 400 options, Titan Eyeplus has a huge range of eyeglasses for men, eyeglasses for women, eyeglasses for kids and Unisex eyeglasses. The portal has a unique design for everyone with a separate offering for every choice.

  • You can select your favourite eyeglasses from a range of some of the best brands made available online by Titan Eyeplus. Some of these eyeglasses brands include Ready Reader, Titan, Fastrack, Tommy Hilfiger, Dash for Kids and Stepper.

  • Titan Eyeplus offers eyeglasses in a vast price range. You can buy pocket-friendly eyeglasses priced up to Rs. 2,000 or buy a fashionable set of eyeglasses from some of the best brands priced as high as Rs. 9,000.

  • Choose from eyeglasses frames which are rimmed, rimless or semi-rimmed, with UV protection.

  • Titan Eyeplus has a variety of frame sizes for eyeglasses to choose from based on your face shape. Buy Regular, Medium, Oversized, Small, Wide, Thick, or Ultra-Thin sized sizes of eyeglass frames.

  • Frame shapes can add a lot of character to eyeglasses which have to be worn every day. For long term use or short term, eyeglasses with stylish shapes of frames add fun to your look. Titan Eyeplus has a huge collection of frame shapes available online. It offers Aviator – Pilots, Rectangle, Round, Wayfarer-Square, Rounded Rectangle, Cateye, Oval, Butterfly, Panto, Wraparound, Bugeye, Wayfarer, Browlines, Round, Oblong and Navigator frames for eyeglasses.

  • The front colour of a frame can give eyeglasses a simple or a funky look. Men, women or kids can choose from endless colours such as Black, Crystal, Demi, Grey, Single Colour, Brown, Gun Metal, Blue, Multi-coloured, Purple, Silver, Gold, Maroon, Green, Red, Pink, Violet and White. Add colour to your everyday eyeglasses collection!

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