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Dash Eyeglasses for Kids

105 Designs

Dash for Kids

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Options Galore for Kids Eyeglasses


The number of kids wearing eyeglasses at a very young age has shot up drastically over the years. With the growing number of kids who use eyeglasses on a daily basis, the demand for good quality glasses has also gone way up. Especially when it comes to kids, parents are always extra careful when it is about products that they would be using regularly. While some kids are advised to wear eyeglasses full-time, others may have to wear them only for specific activities.


Parents need to keep a few essential points in mind when they are looking out to buy eyeglasses for their kids. Safety and durability should be the highest on the list when buying eyeglasses for kids, as they tend to break them more often. Since they also have to play with the eyeglasses on, damage to the glasses and to the kids is of utmost importance. So, select a safe and flexible pair of eyeglasses for your little one.


Choose the right fit for your child, depending on how much do they need to wear the eyeglasses. The right bridge fit and the temple style need to be made sure of.


Always keep a backup pair of eyeglasses for kids. Kids play and run around and are highly prone to damaging their glasses often. Maintaining a backup pair not only comes handy but also can be used as a trendy option for them to change and wear.


Lighten the burden of eyeglasses by gifting your kids fashionable and durable dash eyeglasses for kids!


dash eyeglasses for kids


Titan Eyeplus walks in with a huge variety of eyeglasses collection for kids available online from one of the most renowned brand of glasses for kids, Dash for Kids. dash eyeglasses for kids has the best glasses amongst the massive variety available online and offline. Top cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata hasTitan Eyeplus stores. Titan Eyeplus pledges to provide its customers with the best of quality and great designs of dash eyeglasses for kids. Buy interesting colours, comfortable lenses and frames for kids from dash eyeglasses for kids.


A complete range of rimmed eyeglasses is available for kids, which has unisex options as well as styles for growing kids.


Eyeglasses with kids have a higher breaking point, which is why parents invest in good quality eyeglasses but not a very expensive variety too. Titan Eyeplus has dash eyeglasses for kids priced below Rs. 1,000.


The frames are a regular size for all kids, although Titan Eyeplus does offer numerous shapes of frames. You can choose from eyeglasses for kids in shapes like Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Oval and Square.


Buy the best quality of eyeglasses for your kids at Titan Eyeplus. Protect their eyes from the powerful UV rays and dust and pollution, by using UV protected lenses.


Spice up your young ones’ looks with a colourful pair of eyeglass. You can break the monotony by picking an interesting colour of dash eyeglasses for kids. Since most parents keep a backup pair of glasses for kids, you can also buy two different colours which can be interchanged. Titan Eyeplus offers a huge variety of colours such as Black, Blue, Multi-coloured, Purple, Maroon, Green, Red and White.


Titan Eyeplus boasts of a vast range of eyeglasses for kids from the best of brands available in the market. Dash for Kids delivers good-looking and durable eyeglasses for kids, which can be ordered conveniently from home.

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