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Your Glasses Are Totally Worth It

Your Glasses Are Totally Worth It

It’s no secret that buying a pair of spectacles or sunglasses can be expensive. Premium- quality frames score high on how good they look and feel and, especially on how long they last. Although they can come with an equally impressive price tag, you should always pick good quality frames because their benefits most definitely outweigh their cost.

While buying frames, it’s a common understanding that a pair carrying a designer label or ‘Made in Italy’ printed on the temples will be of superior quality. Regardless of which pair of glasses you settle on, inspect the material and construction of the frames closely before making your decision. Here’s why you should always opt for value over cost when it comes to spectacles, and how to ensure that you are getting ‘best in class’ quality:

They’ll go the Distance with You

Premium eye- or sunglasses are manufactured from certified, high-quality materials. The construction will hold up over the long term—the frame and lenses will not fade, lose their coatings or peel off. Made from durable materials, your spectacles won’t lose their shape or fit, and can better endure daily wear and tear. Some people are allergic to certain components used in glasses and contact with them can cause redness, rashes and even dermatitis. Premium glasses are tested to be hypoallergenic—so they won’t irritate or discolour your skin. The well trained eyewear consultants at Titan Eye Plus stores will readily answer all your queries regarding the material, quality and sturdiness of your glasses.

Take Your Pick

When buying glasses, the first thing you should decide is whether you want metal or plastic frames. Since metal frames are strong, look for frames that are non-corrosive and lightweight so they’re comfortable to wear. If you’re allergic to metal or if you like quirky colours and patterns, plastic frames may be more suited to you. The only drawback of plastic frames is that they may become brittle over time.

Whether you pick metal or plastic frames, make sure to look them over carefully to check how well-crafted they are. There should be no mould lines or rough edges on the body. As for the finishing, the colour should not rub off when using cleaning liquids.

It’s not just the frame material you should look at. It’s easy to miss them but hinges are a vital component in ensuring how sturdy a pair of glasses is. Regardless of the many different types of hinges available, they should all be well-secured to the frame so the temples (or arms) glide smoothly and consistently with no friction.

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Enjoy Enhanced Impact Resistance

Many sun- and eyeglasses don’t meet the standards for impact resistance, so that every time you wear them, you’re risking the possibility of them breaking or cracking.Misalignments or cracks caused by an accidental impact mean you need to buy a new pair all over again. Also, if the lenses crack, you risk injury to your eyes. At Titan Eye Plus, we test all our frames on the factory floor for impact resistance so you can enjoy them for a long ti

Choose From Multiple Add-ons for Lenses

One of the greatest benefits of picking premium spectacles is getting added protection from a variety of lens coatings. There are lens coatings for everything: choose from UV protection to water and dust resistance, while anti-reflective and Blue Tech coatings will protect you from harmful radiations from your gadgets. Bargains on coatings might seem you’re getting a good deal but can you be sure they will be 100% effective and maintain that quality over time? You shouldn’t risk UV and blue light exposure to your delicate eyes, for instance. The certified optometrist at your nearest Titan Eye Plus store can help you decide on coatings and add-ons most suited to your lifestyle.

Do Your Bit for the Environment

Every year, millions of pairs of glasses are thrown away, and since most are made from non- biodegradable materials, they just add to the growing environmental concerns caused by wastage. A high-quality pair of glasses means buying fewer pairs over your lifetime, and a reduction in the amount of trash created every year. At Titan Eye Plus, every pair of glasses delivers ‘best in class’ performance so that you can enjoy a long relationship with them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to the experienced technicians at our stores or on the website helpline if you have any more questions about your glasses.

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