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What are the Different Types of Eyeglasses to Choose From?

What are the Different Types of Eyeglasses to Choose From?

What are the Different Types of Eyeglasses to Choose From?

The confluence of fashion and functionality has brought about several innovations in not just sunglasses, but also eyeglasses. That is the reason why glasses too are available in such exciting designs and geometric shapes that you are left spoilt for choice. With so many types of eyeglasses, and the emerging trends only adding to the variety, it may become challenging for you to keep track of it all. To help you with the same, we have listed the five most popular types of eyeglasses style below that you must consider when you buy your next pair. Even if you have spectacles already, buy another one in one of these styles to add freshness to your looks! Read below.

The Stylish Aviators

Black Pilot Rimmed Eyeglasses From Fastrack

While aviator-style sunglasses have been around for a long time, this style has only become popular in eyeglasses recently. However, in a short period, they have become one of the most sought-after frame shapes in the eyeglass category as well. Unisex in appeal, this type of eyeglasses carry an air of vibrance and can help spruce up your bespectacled look. The all-black sleek metallic body will highlight your eyes and will ensure that you can give expression to your personality’s spirited side effortlessly.

The Trendy Round Glasses

Brown Round Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

Round glasses are back in trend, and that too in full style and form. From celebrities to noted personalities, many are sporting such a frame shape with elan. While earlier such an option may seem to have been reserved for those who were bold enough to show their ‘geeky’ or ‘all-business no fun’ persona, but now gladly it is not the same. It is because round glasses are now available in rimmed, semi-rimmed as well as rimless looks. Even in each such type of eyeglasses frame, you will find many exciting designs, colours, and angular twists. All the variety in round spectacles makes it a must-try option for you this season!

The Sombre Square Glasses

Black Square Rimmed Eyeglasses From Dash

Square shaped eyeglasses carry a statement-making appeal and instantly add an angular touch to the face. If you have a round-shaped face and want to bring out your jawlines, then considering square-shaped rimmed glasses will be the right choice for you. The best thing is that such types of eyeglasses come in a wide variety of designs that vary in terms of thickness of the body, colours, gradient tones and even embellishments. You can also choose a translucent or transparent body for getting a different vibe. Choose the ones that best align with your needs and style quotient and look your best!

The Regular Rectangular Glasses

Black Rectangle Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

Rectangular eyeglasses have also been around for a long time and have seen an ever-growing variety over the years. Best suited for business or office looks, this type of eyeglasses looks best on round or oval face shape. It is because such a frame style gives the face some contour and helps it in looking narrower. While the rimless or semi-rimmed style is also a choice, most people prefer rimmed frame as the coloured body lends vibrance to the glasses. Depending on what purpose you want such type of eyeglasses for, you may choose a specific kind of colour combination and look.

The Classy Cateye Glasses

Black CatEye Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

This one calls for a shoutout to all the women. Whether you want to add a slight retro touch to your look, or air of sophistication, cateye glasses will never fail you. They have a natural classy feel to them which is why almost every woman wants to have at least one such type of eyeglasses in her eyewear collection. They look most befitting for professional and partywear appearances. Still, if you choose a pair that comes in a combination of exciting colours, then you can easily team it up with everyday casual attire as well. Do consider buying these if you do not own a pair already.

Choose the Best Type of Eyeglasses

Now that you know what the most popular types of eyeglasses are, consider one such style for your next pick. However, you may also check out styles like wayfarers, bugeye or navigator styles as you may like them as well. The best way is to choose a frame style that contrasts with your face type.

We, at Titan Eyeplus, provide an exciting range of options under different types of eyeglasses, so that you do not have to compromise on your preference. You may also choose to opt for UV protected glasses for ensuring eye protection along with looking stylish in spectacles. Make the right choice by exploring different styles and sport the best look!

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