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What are the Benefits of Buying Prescription Safety Glasses?

What are the Benefits of Buying Prescription Safety Glasses?

What are the Benefits of Buying Prescription Safety Glasses?

A number of people wear glasses daily, but a majority of them do not even think about wearing prescription safety glasses. Should you wear them? It depends on your work environment or your recreational activities. For example, if you are carrying out house repairs, making jewellery, or fiddling with tiny objects, which may result in something sharp heading for your eyes; prescription safety glasses will be a smart investment.

Before jumping into the benefits of prescription safety glasses, it is essential to know more about them in detail. Safety glasses are required to conform to a higher standard of impact resistance as compared to regular glasses. It applies to the lenses as well as the frames of the safety glasses. Safety glasses can be divided into two categories – prescription safety glasses and non-prescription glasses. Prescription safety glasses are usually made from Polycarbonate. It is a shatter resistant material that was developed in the 1970s for aerospace applications and the helmet visors of astronauts. Polycarbonate eyeglasses are ten times more resistant than glass or plastic lenses, they are lightweight, and they offer 100% protection from ultraviolet rays – both UVA (long wave ultraviolet A) and UVB (short wave ultraviolet B).

Now, let’s take a look at the various advantages of prescription safety glasses:

• Consolidation

One excellent benefit offered by prescription safety glasses is that your prescription eyeglasses and eye protection get consolidated into a single pair of durable prescription safety eyeglasses. Some people opt for eye protection over their prescription glasses, but this is a more attractive and useful option. It is because you would have to clean, care for, maintain, and pay for one pair of eyeglasses instead of two.

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• Protection from Harmful Radiations

Prescription safety glasses are armed with a filter that changes through different spectra and intensities of light, which helps in preventing harmful radiations from entering eyes while using a laptop or watching TV. These glasses are adept at absorbing specific wavelengths of light that are known to be detrimental to the overall health of our eyes. Furthermore, these glasses allow the safe wavelengths of light to freely pass through without causing any hindrance or discomfort in the vision of users.

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• Protection from Sports Injuries

There are several sports like tennis, baseball, and squash that have a high probability of causing damage to the eyes. Injuries in sports can also be caused by fingers being poked into eyes or by elbow jabs. Furthermore, the sports that involve ‘flying objects’ pose a tremendous threat to the eyes and require specialised eyewear. Here is where prescription safety glasses can come to your rescue and safeguard your eyes.

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• Protection Against Household Injuries

These prescription safety glasses also protect against household injuries that can cause severe damage to your eyes. For example, your eyes can be adversely affected by different ingredients or chemicals while cooking. Apart from this, there is also a high possibility of debris and dust entering your eyes while you are chopping wood, mowing the lawn, or carrying out activities like building a treehouse or vehicle models.

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• Effective Indoors and Outdoors

Prescription safety glasses are highly versatile and can be worn both indoors and outdoors. They are designed in such a way to offer the ultimate protection for both indoor and outdoor utilisation. As mentioned earlier, they are also equipped with specialised fortification to combat the UVA and UVB ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.

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Protect Your Eyes with Quality Prescription Safety Glasses

If you want to protect your eyes against accidental damage or harm, you should think about buying a pair of prescription safety glasses from reliable sources. We at Titan Eyeplus offer quality products at reasonable prices to ensure your eyes are safeguarded against a comprehensive set of threats, without breaking the bank. Explore our vast collection and purchase the one that ticks all your boxes!

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