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UV-C Sanitizer: Your Sanitization and Safety Solution

UV-C Sanitizer: Your Sanitization and Safety Solution

UV-C Sanitizer: Your Sanitization and Safety Solution

The ongoing pandemic has made us realize that the first step towards good health and safety is to maintain hygiene that can keep all kinds of viruses and bacteria at bay. While so far, you may have overlooked the need to sanitize things like wallets, cards, packed food items, gadgets, and other household items, but now you know what risks they expose you to. These daily items carry dust, germs and viruses, which can cause severe infections and diseases. To ensure safety from such possible risk sources, sanitization is clearly the most effective step.

However, considering the number of items that make way into your house every day, you may feel overwhelmed by how you can keep your loved ones and yourself safe from these risk carriers. Washing or cleaning may work for a few commodities, but it is not possible to do so with electronic devices and a few other things. So, what can be done to sanitize all such items easily?

To solve this problem, we at Titan Eyeplus now provide UV-C Sanitizer, a device that helps you disinfect or sanitize a wide range of items both at your house and workplace each day.

What is the UV-C Sanitizer?

UV-C sanitizer is a UV light disinfection device that uses powerful ultraviolet rays of different wavelengths to penetrate inside cells and micro-organisms present on objects. While 254 nm (Nanometer) is considered the optimal range for germicidal application, our range of UV-C sanitizers has a wavelength between 100 nm and 400nm.

The UV light helps in destroying the genetics of the virus, and further, the radiations warp the RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) structure to prevent the virus elements from replicating. In this way, the UV light sanitizer box makes the item virus-free and safe for further use.

Our range of UV light box is classified based on the wavelength & extent of penetration, which is as follows:

• UV-A (315-400 nm)
• UV-B (280-315 nm)
• UV-C (100-280 nm)

Why Do You Need UV Light Sanitizer?

According to a research conducted by Harvard, CDC, & Oxford, it has been seen that certain viruses can last up to 3 days on various surfaces. While sanitizing spray can be used on certain objects, it may not be suitable for several other items like currency notes, cell phones, watches, jewellery, or eyeglasses. However, due to the number of times we touch such items in a day, it is precisely these things that pose the highest risk with all the germs and viruses they carry.

Using UV light disinfection home device can help you sanitize most of your belongings easily and quickly. From items of personal use such as phone, keys, masks, gloves, sunglasses, to packaged food, delivered goods and other household items, you can disinfect most things that fit into it. However, you cannot use it for perishable food items.

In this way, UV light disinfectant is a practical solution to sanitize a wide range of items for ensuring a safe and virus-free environment.

What are its Features?

• The UV light sanitizer has been designed in line with methods derived from the Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Science (DIPAS) and Institute of Nuclear Medicine & Allied Sciences (INMAS).

• The device uses only ultraviolet light and no liquid, heat, or chemicals for disinfecting objects.

• The UV-C light turns on only when the top cover of the UV box is closed. It means the powerful radiations cannot damage your eyes.

• It is semi-automatic and has a pre-set timer.

• Lightweight, and is available in these dimensions – L350mm X W175mm X H85mm.

• Suitable for both homes and offices due to its compact size and weight.

• It carries a functional warranty of 3 months.

The table below lists some other technical features of the device that you may like to know:

Equipment Model UVC Sanitizer
Outer Dimensions in mm 380 X 190 X 140
Outer Body Steel with powder coating
Door Steel with Magnetic Catchers, top opening
Safety Automatic safety interlock of door
Disinfection tray Steel powder coated
UV Details
UV light wavelength 254 nanometer (Germicidal)
UV Emitter Power 11 Watts
UV Emitter Life 9000 hours
UV Tube Origin Made in Italy, UL Certified for safety
Tube Size 212mm X 16mm diameter
UV Dose Set for 45-60 seconds by the timer
UV Energy Effective and environment-friendly disinfectant without chemicals
UV Intensity 7800 cd
Environmental Benefits Ozone-Free (Confirms to CE standards)
Electrical Details
Maximum Current 0.41 Amps
Electrical Input Voltage 230 Volts AC, 50 Hz
Power Cable Length 1.5 meters

What are its Benefits?

• Fast Decontamination
The powerful UV light penetrates in slits and crevices where even cleaning wipes cannot reach. As a result, the UV light box kills 99.9% of the virus within 45 seconds.

• Convenient to Use
Lightweight and small, this UV light sanitizer box is easily portable and can be used both for household and office items. Its steel body also makes it durable for long-term use.

• Easy to Maintain
It is easy to clean and maintain the UV box because of its simple design and structure.

• Creates Safe Environment
The UV light disinfection device creates a safe environment at both home and workplace by keeping any possible risk of infections from germs and viruses at bay.

Bring Home UV-C Sanitizer to Stay Safe

Changing times call for new approaches. With sanitization becoming such a crucial part of our daily routine, UV-C sanitizer will be the right solution for all your safety concerns. It will sanitize all items effectively and keep you safe as well as tension-free.

Always stay safe!

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