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Understanding Blue Light – What’s good and what’s bad

Understanding Blue Light – What’s good and what’s bad

Blue light filter

All your Questions on Blue Light answered

The largest source of blue light is sunlight.

There are more sources of artificial blue light which come from digital screens and indoor lighting that we use.

Our eyes are not able to protect itself from this artificial blue light. Long time exposure can damage light-sensitive cells in the retina.

It is a lens with blue coating that protects the eyes from Violet Blue Light which get reflected from computers, mobile screens & LED lighting. Titan Blue Tech Lens allows good Blue turquoise Light which is good for having a good sleeping cycle.

White light is a combination of the wavelength of seven colours namely, violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange & red.

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When one colour is blocked from the mix, there is an imbalance because of which we will not see pure white light.

Similarly, when blue light is blocked, there is an imbalance in the mix and we see a yellowish tint effect while seeing through the blue coat lenses.

The term Anti-glare coating is not correct. It is an Anti-Reflection Coated lens which has optical coating to reduce reflections from both the front and back surface of lens.

This helps in cutting the surface reflections and increases the overall transmission of light which allows maximum light to enter the eye for better clarity of vision. The Blue Tech lens selectively filters harmful blue light from the front surface of the lenses and it also has an anti-reflection coating on the back surface.

While seeing on a laptop screen, if there is a Violet reflection on the lens, then you are using the right kind of lens. All Titan Blue Tech lens comes with Blue coating which can be seen by any person.

It is good if you are using mobile phones, laptops for a long time. It protects you from getting eyestrain.

No. It is only a coating that blocks the harmful blue rays. It is a zero-power lens. Titan Blue Coating lens are also available with Powered glasses.

Yes, the properties of Blue Tech Lens will work equally for both zero powered and powered lenses.

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