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Taking care of your contact lenses

Taking care of your contact lenses

With contact lenses, it isn’t as easy as taking them off and forgetting about them. Daily care will keep your eyes and contact lenses clean and healthy in the long term; you will also be able to use them to their full capacity and life. Daily disposables go into the trash but long- wear contacts need some tender loving care. For first time users, the optometrist at your nearest Titan Eye Plus store will show you how to take care of your contacts. You need to master a few daily rituals to maintain these delicate visual aids:

1. Wash Your Hands

Make sure to wash your hands every single time whether you’re putting them in or taking or them out. Our fingertips are germ-hubs and these can get transferred to your lenses and eyes causing infections, itching, rashes and grittiness. Use a mild soap with no perfume, oil or additives which can create a film on your hands, and clean under your fingernails too. Dry them on a lint-free towel and resist the urge to moisturize until after you’re done storing your lenses.

2. Clean the Lenses

To keep your eyes and lenses feeling fresh and sanitized, always clean your contacts before putting them in and after taking them out. Place the lens in your palm and drizzle a few, fresh drops of your recommended lens cleaning solution on it. Delicately rub both sides of each lens to clear away the grime and debris on the surface. Give it a final rinse with the solution.

3. Store for the Night

If you’re not wearing your lenses, store them in the lens case provided. Each time you put away your lenses, be sure to add fresh solution before putting them in and shut the lids tight to avoid contaminants settling on them.

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4. Never, Ever

  • Use water (filtered or not) or saliva to moisten, clean or store your contact lenses: These are pH-sensitive medical aids, and your lens cleaning and storing solution has been specially engineered for these tasks.
  • Put makeup on before wearing your contacts Spray droplets, oils, powder, perfume, etc. might get transferred to your lenses or eyes causing damage to them. Take them out with clean hands before you touch your face or remove your makeup.
  • Sleep with your lenses still in your eyes: This will dry out both. You will experience trouble opening and seeing, and your contact lenses might never recover their moisture.
  • Use expired lenses or solutions:Remember, these are medical aids and not just a cosmetic accessory. It could lead to serious eye infections if over-worn.
  • Share lenses, storage cases or solutions: You could increase your chances of catching an eye infection and discomfort.
  • Re-use cleaning solution: Your contact lenses need a sterile environment to reduce the chances of bacteria growing on the surface. It’s the same reason you should give your storage case a good rinse with mild soap and filtered water, and then let them air dry every few weeks.
  • Take a bath or swim while wearing your contacts: Most germs and infections are passed on through water.

Contact lenses are available in a variety of materials. Consult your Titan Eyecare professional to get advice on the best materials suited to your needs.

With these tips, you are on your way to healthy eyes and vision with your contact lenses! If you have any more queries, the certified optometrists at Titan Eye Plus stores are at your disposal.

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