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Safe, Sanitized and Steady: We are Post Lockdown Ready!

Safe, Sanitized and Steady: We are Post Lockdown Ready!

The fight against Coronavirus seems to be a long one, as India and the rest of the world struggles to find an antidote for it. In this scenario, even after the lockdown is lifted, we will need to practice great caution while going about with our lives.

In line with this, we at Titan Eye Plus are making sure that we are prepared for post lockdown times to keep panic and risk at bay. As an eyecare retailer, we have always encouraged the need for maintaining proper hygiene for good vision and overall health. However, now with sanitization, social distancing and safety, assuming even greater importance in our lives, we are making proper arrangements to uphold these practices at all our Titan Eye Plus Stores.

We aim to abide by government protocols and ensure that both our customers and staff members are in safe hands while they are with us at the stores.

Here’s all that you can expect on your visit to a Titan eye Plus store post lockdown:

Essentials in Place

• From masks, hand sanitizers, nitrile gloves to trays near display units and plastic cash collection boxes, we are taking care that all our stores have these things in place for ensuring there is no virus transmission risk.

• We have also got Temperature Screening Guns at the store entry point to ensure that we do not allow any infected person to walk in.

Hygiene of Staff Members

For the sake of everyone’s safety at the store, we have also instructed our staff members to take all necessary precautions at their end, including avoiding public transport, wearing masks, gloves and clean uniform daily, carrying home-made lunch and maintaining distance while in the store among other things.

Sanitization of Hotspot Areas

• We will be sanitizing all hotspot places like waiting area, floor, handrails and doorknobs as well as devices such as EDC machines, printer, mouse, calculator etc. every hour to avoid contamination.

• The housekeeping staff will also be mopping and cleaning the floor with disinfectant and bleach after every 2 hours.

• Washrooms shall be cleaned every hour, and there will be a provision of only liquid soap there

Social Distancing Norms

• We will be allowing entry of only limited customers in the store, while letting others wait in smart queues outside to avoid an overcrowding inside.

• We have also issued separate social distancing rules to different stores as per their layout. There will be marking of the floor area for distancing purposes using cello tapes, and notices will be put on critical places inside the store.

• You will have to stand within the marked are at the cash counters for maintaining adequate distance.

• Transaction units and testing clinics inside the store will also be following strict distancing norms.

Customer Visit

We will also require cooperation from your end in the following ways:
• You will need to book an appointment and coordinate before visiting the store, for both buying as well as servicing purposes.

• Valet will only assist and guide you while you will have to park your vehicle on your own.

• Our staff will give you a mask and gloves if you will not be carrying them yourself.

• You will only be provided with packaged water and no other beverage.

• Everything from frame and lens selection, to marking, will be done keeping sanitization and distancing norms in mind.

Safe Cash Desk Transaction and Exit

• We will encourage and appreciate if you make payment digitally to avoid transmission through an exchange of cash.

• In case of card payment, it would be safer if you swipe the card on the EDC machine instead of us, so that your safety isn’t compromised.

• While making a cash transaction, you will need to put it in a separate box.

• You will get e-invoice or notification through the app.

• Upon your exit, you may get a call from our store to enquire about your health after a few hours.

Clinic and Testing Hygiene

• If you wish to get your eyes tested, then there will be mandatory cleaning of all testing equipment ranging from refractometer, trial lenses and frames, lens holder, arm and headrest and all other things before starting.

• Only one person and the optometrist will be allowed inside the clinic, and no co-customer can go along.

• We have also revised our eye testing process by listing out steps that will not be followed because of safety reasons.

Other Steps

• Following the government mandate, we are also suspending our delivery services for some time. So, we apologize to you for the same in advance.

• We have also instructed our staff to bring any unusual case related to coughing, sneezing etc. to the notice of the franchisee, HR, RBM or ABM at the earliest possible.

Preparedness is crucial for fighting Coronavirus. We are prepared to provide you with the safest experience at all our Titan Eye Plus stores, because we do not just care for your eyes, but your overall protection.

So, keep panic aside, follow all necessary precautions at your end and visit our stores whenever the need arises by fixing up an appointment beforehand. Stay safe!

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  • Thank you for sharing the information about the safety measures that Titan Eye Plus management is taking to stop the spread. It is NEED OF HOUR !!!

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