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Here’s Why Safety Goggles are a Must-Have Post Lockdown

Here’s Why Safety Goggles are a Must-Have Post Lockdown

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life for almost everyone around the globe. Our country too, has not seen much improvement in the situation despite following a nationwide lockdown for several weeks now.

However, the government is now slowly lifting the lockdown. So, it is crucial that you practice even more caution than before. Every time you venture outside, you must cover your face well with a mask along with wearing safety goggles.

The safety goggles, along with the face masks, will help you cover your face. In this manner, you will ensure that you are not exposed to the risk of virus transmission. Even in the present, when you move out for running various necessary errands like fetching food supplies and essentials, you must wear masks and safety goggles. You might have to stand in queues for a long time before you can come back, and so it would be advisable to remain protected against any kind of exposure

Why Do You Need Safety Goggles?

So far, you may have worn goggles only to take your style quotient a notch higher. However, now safety is the priority, and these goggles will also serve as protective gear against transmission.

The Covid-19 virus tends to spread swiftly through touching or coming in contact with an infected surface. Due to a slow return to routine, you may come in contact with people again. Therefore, after the lockdown, chances of contracting the virus will be high. Some of you who may be habitual of frequently touching the face may allow the virus to enter the body through the eyes, nose or mouth. While everyone is talking about wearing a face mask, it is equally important also to cover the eyes with safety goggles. Such goggles will prevent you from touching your eyes directly and minimize the risk of transmission.

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Here are a few instances where safety goggles will prove to be of significant benefit to you:

During Commuting

After the lockdown, you will be allowed to travel with specific guidelines and regulations. If you have to travel to a different city, you might make use of public transport for commuting. Further, there would be other people who would also travel to their destinations. Hence, you must ensure that before stepping out of your house, you protect yourself with masks and safety goggles. You must also make sure to carry hand sanitizers as a safety measure.

Interactions at the Workplace

Post lockdown, you may be required to visit your workplace occasionally or regularly. During everyday travel, you will come in contact with many people if you make use of public transport. Hence, it will be an ideal decision to cover your eyes with safety goggles for protection. You must make sure to wash your hands when you reach your office and limit interaction with people as much as possible. You may even consider wearing spectacles or transparent goggles at the office to keep yourself safe. Also, if you face the issue of fogging due to wearing the mask, you may even buy anti-fog glasses as safety goggles.

Important Social Gatherings

According to the new guidelines by the government, weddings and funerals can take place with a limited number of attendees as specified. If you need to attend a close relative’s wedding or funeral in the days to come, then you must not compromise on your safety when moving out during this crucial time. You must not cover yourself only with the face mask, but also safety goggles for proper protection. In this way, you will be able to engage with others with less risk and more peace of mind. Also, upon returning, sanitize yourself thoroughly nonetheless.

Safety Goggles: Just as Important as The Mask

Post lockdown, risk will still remain until a proper antidote for the virus is found. Once you return to your routine, whether partially or entirely, you must continue to practice caution. It will be a wise decision to wear masks and safety goggles at all times. Especially when you are outside your home, it is extremely vital to maintain safety.

We, at Titan Eyeplus, offer you a wide range of eyewear products to choose from as per your requirement. There are sunglasses with 100% protection against ultraviolet rays and polarized technology as well. You may even choose anti-fog glasses that can be worn with a mask for clear vision during these times. Choose the most suitable safety goggles to stay safe and secure as the world continues to fight this deadly virus.

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