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Baywatch out for these scorching summer trends

Baywatch out for these scorching summer trends

Back with a bang, the new Baywatch film brings us the 90’s elements from the show with a good summer dose of modern cool. Starring trendsetting superstars like Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, and India’s hot export Priyanka Chopra, this movie hints at some standout summer styles.

So, what does it take to ace that perfect beach look? A fashionably flattering beach outfit, some strong sunscreen, and seriously cool shades. The right pair of sunglasses can up the style quotient all the while providing some great sun protection. 

Similar to the movie, the range of sunglasses that highlight this look are a perfect mix of old favs and new fads. So, stock up on your sunglass collection with stylish summer staples like the good ol’ classic aviator sunglasses and the oh-so-fresh mirrored shades.


Old-school aviators, rocked by “The Rock” himself, are a sunglass style that will always top the summer charts. These classic and ever-chill aviator shades have a 90’s feel to it, and just like the golden series, has never gone out of style.


A trendy twist to the retro style is the spectacular mirrored aviator shades pulled off with perfection by trendsetter Priyanka Chopra. Give your favourite shades a summer spin with flashy mirrored lenses and a strong double bridge to make a bold statement.

Going by the trailblazing trailers, Baywatch promises tons more summer-style inspiration to come. As the heat rises, you know what go-to summer style to sport for that stylish slow-motion beach run.

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