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5 Stylish Options in Spectacles to Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

5 Stylish Options in Spectacles to Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

5 Options in Latest Spectacles to Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

Having a sister is like having a partner with whom you share a bond, as you share with no one else in the world. Your love-hate relationship has an underlying promise of always having each other’s back and sticking around forever! And the perfect day to celebrate this sweet bond is the festival of Rakshabandhan or Rakhi.

While every year, you may have considered giving your sister customised chocolates, dresses or maybe just cash, how about you do something different this time? Along with sweets or other things, consider gifting your sister a stylish pair of latest spectacles this Rakhi. It will make for a meaningful gift that will not only have functional benefits attached but will also make her smile (Afterall, she knows that even if you tease her for her bespectacled look, you adore her nonetheless). Not to forget, you will also surely surprise her with your thoughtfulness.

To help you with choosing the best pair of spectacles for your sister, here we have picked five types of latest spectacles that will make for a safe and stylish option. Have a look:

The Demi Brown Glasses

Brown Square Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

If your sister is the kind who likes all things simple, straight and smart, then this pair of glasses is surely going to appeal to her. The demi brown shade has been trending for a long time now, and it carries a striking look, unlike the usual coloured rimmed glasses. What further adds to the overall look of this square-shaped acetate frame is the slight metallic touch in the temples. Whether your sister chooses to wear this to her college or office, or sports this for her casual trip with friends, these glasses will bring out her bespectacled look in the best way.

The Contrast of Black and Pink

Black Square Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

Just like your chequered relation with her, if you wish to give her something that comes in an exciting combination of colours, then go for this pair. This one in the latest spectacles collection is fast becoming a favourite with girls who want to add a little vibrance to their face. While black carries a dramatic look, the shade of pink towards the lower part lends a lively touch to the frame. This pair of glasses will complement different shades of your sister’s personality and will give her a refreshing look.

The Black Cateye

Black CatEye Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

If your sister feels glasses make her look nerdy, help her change her mind. Gift her these stylish and classy all-black cateye glasses that she can also confidently team up with a party dress. The black colour itself is a favourite with many, as it carries a dramatic look, and combine it with cateye style, and you have a winning combination. Not only will your sister love this pair of spectacles, but she will also appreciate your stylish choice for a long time to come.

Combination of Maroon and Silver

Maroon Square Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

If you love your sister’s crazy streak, then we bet you also secretly admire her for the seriousness she carries, be it for her work or relations. And the spectacles that sit on her nose always complement that side of her personality. To help her feel confident, gift her these maroon and silver coloured square rimmed glasses that will add a pretty touch to all her looks and moods. This pair in the latest spectacles collection has a refined look and will make for the perfect addition to her eyewear collection.

The Classy Brown

Brown Round Rimmed Eyeglasses From Titan

Round glasses are selling like hotcakes these days. If your sister has been sporting square-shaped or rectangular glasses, help her infuse freshness to her personality with these classy brown round spectacles, this Rakhshabandhan. The reason why these glasses made it to our list is that they carry a touch of sophistication. Your sister will no longer have to think twice before wearing glasses with even an ethnic or partywear dress. These will effortlessly blend in with any outfit and help her make an impression wherever she goes

Surprise your Sister with A Stylish Pair of Spectacles

While you should not hold yourself back from expressing your love to your sister even on regular days, but still Rakshabandhan calls for you to do something special. The right way for doing this would be to give her something thoughtful. Gift her a stylish pair from the latest spectacles collection and see her eyes twinkling behind those glasses.

We, at Titan Eyeplus, have a vast array of eyeglasses and sunglasses that are premium in quality and trendy in appeal. We also offer polarized, and UV protected lenses that enable you to give your eyes the right protection in today’s digital world. Order the best pair from our latest spectacles collection and surprise your sister with a meaningful gift this Rakhi.

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