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4 Types of Men’s Sunglasses You Should Know About

4 Types of Men’s Sunglasses You Should Know About

In today’s time, men’s sunglasses have become one of the most popular accessories. They not only protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, but they are also the ideal addition for completing any outfit. With the growing popularity of men’s eyewear, you could even say that that they have now become a signature fashion statement.

However, with so many options of men’s sunglasses online, selecting the perfect pair can be a challenging task. But amidst many different kinds of sunglasses, there are a few types that you must absolutely know of, if you are to stay on top of your style game. Let us tell you about a few such types of sunglasses. Read below:


Bronze Pilot Titan Men Sunglasses

Aviators are one of the most classic and stylish sunglasses for men. The style dates to the 1930s when it was popular among the military people as a statement accessory. Tom Cruise immortalized this style of sunglasses in Top Gun, and since then, it has become a favourite trend among males and females, both. However, they are an absolute essential in a men’s accessory cupboard as they instantly help add a classy look to any outfit.

In terms of colours, there are plenty of men’s sunglasses online to pick from. For starters, this one comes in a stylish mix of bronze and black, which can easily be paired with any outfit.


Brown Square Fastrack Men Sunglasses

Come summer, and you’ll probably see lots of stylish men wearing wayfarer sunglasses. You wonder, why? Wayfarers have dominated the market for over 60 years now, and they still continue to make their presence felt, thanks to their evergreen appeal. These men’s sunglasses online are, thus, an essential add-on to your closet.

Wayfarer sunglasses are an absolute favourite for summer and are perfect for every face time, no matter the occasion is. Colourful wayfarers found under the men’s sunglasses online will provide you with a striking look.


Black Wraparound Fastrack Men Sunglasses

Do you have a sporty streak to your personality and want to show the world the same? If yes, you could consider buying these wraparound sunglasses for men.

Many sports professionals and athletes opt for these sunglasses because it offers excellent comfort and fit. This style belongs to the genre of over-sized sunglasses because they have some of the most comprehensive frames ever. Along with that, being on top of many Bollywood superstars’ wardrobe lists, designer wraparound men’s sunglasses online are generating yet another craze among old and young alike.


Gun Metal Navigator Fastrack Unisex Sunglasses

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Today, we celebrate hybrid fashion trends, and men’s sunglasses online are not behind in this. Navigator men’s sunglasses online are the best example of the mix and match trend. If you wish to add an element of suspense to the classic, romantic charm of the metallic Aviators, then these sunglasses are ideal for you. The classic look of Aviators is altered by giving it softer curves by squaring it. This slight change in shape adds a fun element to its look and appeal. So, buy a pair of Navigators that are also one of the best sunglasses for men in 2020.

Get the Best Sunglasses This Season

No matter what your style is — minimalistic, classic, bold or contemporary — there is an excellent pair of sunglasses for everyone. When looking at men’s sunglasses online, you should try to experiment with new styles to recreate new and refreshing looks for yourself.

We, at Titan Eye Plus, bring together a wide range of men’s sunglasses online as well as at our stores, which includes collection offered by best luxurious brands like Rayban, Oakley, Armani and more. Our branded sunglasses for men also come with options that have UV protected and polarized lenses that can offer you eye protection in the long run.

So, don’t wait and shop for the best men’s sunglasses online now to get your style quotient on point!

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