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4 Retro Sunglasses for Your Old School Style

4 Retro Sunglasses for Your Old School Style

We wear fashion on our sleeves all the time, but it is not just limited to clothes. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself and what you believe in. Fashion is about self-expression and individuality and looking good and feeling great. Since style is no longer limited to finite boxes, fashion has become diversified due to many trends that co-exist simultaneously in culture. For example, due to a surge in nostalgia-focused pop culture shows and music, the old-school aesthetic has made a niche in the public consciousness.

Women with White Rimmed Retro Sunglasses

Many fashion-conscious people believe that retro style is more fashionable than ever before. Some people utilize the aesthetic and express their individuality through it by thrifting vintage pieces and even incorporating 70s and 80s earthy colour palettes and prints into their wardrobe. Retro sunglasses naturally returned to this surge of old-school style, where the familiar silhouettes were given new life in a new era by runway collections and influencers. Therefore, here are some retro sunglasses you can top off your old-school style with.

Retro Sunglasses

Accessorizing helps make an outfit stand out. Accessories can be anything that goes with an outfit. There is no rule to making the right choice of accessories every time. One needs to alternate between their pieces to understand which accessories work best with which style. Retro sunglasses are some of the easiest accessories to style, as they carry a personality. They can be the statement piece of your whole look or the unifying element that brings the entire outfit together. There is no right answer to styling retro sunglasses. It all depends on your preference and what you are going for with your complete ensemble.

Retro Sunglasses for the Old School Style

There has been a resurgence of old-school sunglasses style in the past few years. Some see it as a rebellion against minimalist modern fashion trends, and others as a return to how things were decades ago. Retro sunglasses style is about giving people the option to express themselves in a subtly path-breaking way. It gives them a choice to use their clothing as an art form, where the amalgamation of old styles with new ensembles is a welcome celebration of fashion.

Aviators: At the helm of every vintage-inspired trend and aesthetic in eyewear stands a pair of the classic Aviators. Forged in the necessity, aviator sunglasses are a type of sunglasses used by pilots. Still, it has become more popular among teenagers and adults throughout the decades. Popularized by films like Top Gun, these retro sunglasses have become a mainstay in old-school fashion spreads because of their cool style and effortless vibe.

The Clubmaster: These sunglasses are undoubtedly one of the most immediately recognizable styles that have made their place in the hall of fame of retro sunglasses with an air of sophisticated class and style unlike any other. There is little doubt that the Clubmaster is one of the most iconic styles in the world of sunglasses. It is a style seen on everyone from movie stars to presidents and even a pope. The appeal of these retro sunglasses styles is their gentlemanly charm, which captivates every onlooker and looks great on every face shape.

Round Sunglasses: This style of sunglasses cemented the vintage aesthetic as one for the eccentrics and artists. Donned by the likes of John Lennon to Gregory Peck in the age they had become wildly popular. The retro sunglasses style has made a triumphant return to the fore of fashion. A round frame was the first kind of sunglasses created for people to wear in sunny climates like California, where stylish glasses were the epitome of a style statement. So naturally, being associated with the out-of-the-box thinkers, the round retro sunglasses have a bold statement quality that is still relevant today.

Angular Frames: The iconic imagery of a 1960s musician like Bob Dylan donning a pair of sharp angled square framed sunglasses that he never took off is one that has gone down in history. These rectangular retro sunglasses are often complete with an upswept finish, complementing smaller faces effortlessly. However, this style still goes strong today, as it can be replicated with the help of quirky square or rectangular frame sunglasses.

The recent and sweeping rise in nostalgia can be seen in fashion trends of late such as the retro sunglasses. If you are looking for a pair of retro sunglasses to add to your collection, you can head over to Titan Eyeplus and check out their curated collections for different seasons, aesthetics and more.

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