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4 Practical Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

4 Practical Ways to Prevent Computer Vision Syndrome

In recent years, computer vision syndrome has gained prominence as one of the leading causes of discomfort and common vision-related disorders due to increased usage of devices such as computers, tablets, e-readers, and cell phones.

Common Causes of Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the leading causes of computer vision syndrome is the routine use of digital screens for extended periods. On average, people view and work on digital screens for more than ten hours every day. This extended digital screen exposure, in turn, leads to an increased risk of developing computer vision syndrome and other eye conditions in teenagers and adults.

Other causes of computer vision syndrome include:
• Staying focused on a single task for hours, such as watching a movie on your laptop or TV
• Failing to frequently blink, which is necessary as it maintains eye moisture
• Using your smartphone or laptop while keeping it too close or too far from your eyes
• Not limiting exposure to the harmful blue light emitted from these digital devices
• Using and working on digital screens without adjusting the ambient lighting

Preventive Measures For Computer Vision Syndrome

Vision is among our most important senses, and eyes are one of the most sensitive organs of our body. However, many people do not care much about eye safety until they start using eyeglasses, contact lenses or have to go through corrective vision surgery.

To help you understand and minimize the risk of computer vision syndrome, here are a few preventive measures to consider:

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1. Consider Using Blue Tech Glasses

An effective yet practical way to prevent computer vision syndrome is to discuss your vision requirements with your eye care practitioner and upgrade your lens coating. You can opt for personalized eyeglasses with blue filter lenses that will protect you against the harmful digital eye strain.

2. Exercise Your Eyes Regularly

Due to the extended usage of digital screens, our eyes tend to get tired and dry because of the constant focus on the screen. You must look away every 20 minutes from your monitor or digital device to look at a distant target (at least 20 feet away) for at least 20 seconds to help relieve our eyes from tension. This is known as the ’20/20/20 Rule’ and is recommended by prominent ophthalmologists.

When you look at distant objects, it relaxes eye muscles and alleviates exhaustion. Whether you chose to wear eyeglasses and contact lenses or not, it is advisable that you exercise your eyes regularly using this technique for computer vision syndrome prevention.

3. Blink More Often

Frequent blinking helps keep your eyes moisturized – preventing dryness and discomfort. While working on digital screens, however, your blinking rate tends to reduce significantly. Subsequently, the tears that cover your eyes get quickly evaporated, leading to dry eyes.

Even if you are using eyeglasses, it is advisable that you blink for at least ten times over a period of 20 minutes. This helps keep your eyes moistened and significantly reduces discomfort, dryness in your eye and the risk of developing computer vision syndrome.

4. Regular Eye Examination

While getting a pair of glasses with blue filter lenses is helpful, you must also undergo regular eye examinations to facilitate good eye health. You must get your eyes examined by an opthamologist or an optometrist, at least once a year.

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Regular eye examinations not only help you get the best possible vision correction solution but also an early diagnosis helps prevent future eye related concerns.

Caring for Your Eyes

Eyes are the doorway to the world around us that allow us to witness so many different things creations. With the rapid increase of digital devices in recent years, our world may have gotten a lot closer. However, this has resulted in an increased risk of developing new eye related conditions such as computer vision syndrome.

Thus, you must contact your eye care specialist to discuss various practical preventive measures to ensure vision acuity. Moreover, you must seek expert help before contemplating the usage of prescription eyeglasses such as computer vision syndrome glasses.

At Titan Eye Plus, we provide a wide range of stylish eyewear options, equipped with the advanced blue filter lenses to help you minimize the risk of computer vision syndrome. We have a selection of more than 370 models of frames, 100% UV protected and blue filter lenses, so that you may avail the best quality eyeglasses and contact lenses without compromising on vision acuity or comfort. Visit our website or connect with us, and we will help you match your eyes with the perfect pair of eyeglasses.

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